Government Grants Shouldn't Be Overlooked

By: Aaron Vaughn

Whether you need money to fix up your home or you'd like to go to college, government grants shouldn't be overlooked.

Basically free money offered by the federal government to help citizens realize their dreams and improve the American landscape along the way, there are literally hundreds of different grants available.

The money's there and often those who don't realize it, qualify for grants, so not checking them out can be a big loss.

Government grants and loans are offered by a number of different departments within the federal government. They range from scholarships and fellowships to straight out, low interest loans and grants for small businesses, artistic endeavors and more.

There's even money available for fixing up homes, historic properties and more. No matter what you need money for, it just pays to look into different grant and loan programs available through the government. It doesn't hurt to look and it could hurt not to. Who wants to walk away from free money?

There are several basic types of government financial programs available. The include scholarships, fellowships, traineeships and loans/grants. The loans, although not outright grants, generally come with rates well below prime and generous repayment terms.

Let's look at some of the things offered in each class:

Scholarships: The federal government knows the best way to compete in the world is to have a well-educated populace. To help make this a reality, the government offers a lot, and we do mean a lot, of different scholarship programs many don't even look into. These range from those for minorities to grants for studying medicine, business and the arts. Just about any field of study imaginable has a federal grant program attached and not all have an income requirement for eligibility.

Fellowships: Much like the scholarship programs, these come with a financial benefit for the winning fellows along with generally some hands-on training with some of the country's best experts in fields as broad as medicine and agriculture. Fellowships tend to have strict application requirements, but they are more than worth looking at. Some of the fellowship programs have pools of money to give away to recipients that are simply mind boggling in size.

Traineeships: Primarily revolving around the medical field, these grants are similar to scholarships, but have some slightly different requirements.

Loans/grants: The federal government gives out low interest loans for first time homebuyers, homebuyers who need to make repairs, historic property restorers, artists, writers, small businesses and more. These are available through many different agencies and are often a great route to go for those who don't want or can't obtain traditional funding.

Remember, too, the government often gives out straight grants, with no need to repay, for many of these things. Check out both options and see what's available before seeking out other means to accomplish a goal or dream.

Government grants and loans are available for so many different things, it doesn't pay not to look at the options. Whether a person wants to go back to school or write a book, open a gallery or more, should check into federal loans and grants.

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