Got Your Green Card?

By: Brian Gosur

Arizona just passed a debatable immigration reform bill that allows cops to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand evidence of citizenship.
This is making a big uproar from Hispanic groups, who protested outside of the state capital in Phoenix. Many people are stirring up fears that they will at random be arrested simply because of their race or nationality. Many of those groups say they're going to be hunted down like animals, weather they have legal papers or not. Anybody arrested, must prove their immigration status before they're released. This law goes for any person, not just Hispanics. All whites, Asians, and blacks will need to go through the same process.
These fears, and that is all they are are being put out into the open to do just that. Inflict fear. Fear will cause panic, and panic is very deadly. This is precisely what terrorists do to manipulate the people in their nations.
Law enforcement officials have to have a "reasonable suspicion " to stop anyone. This has often been the law, regardless of who you are. They just can't pull you over, thinking you are smuggling drugs, as you are black? They have to have a "reasonable suspicion". That goes for everyone. When you are talking about the state of Arizona, where an estimated half a million illegal immigrants live, the bulk of these illegal immigrants will be Hispanic.
The dread of requiring a multiple amount of ID's is false. There is a driver's license, a non-operating identification license, valid tribal enrollment card or other type of tribal identification, or "any valid US federal, state, or local state issued identification. " just one of these is necessary, not multiple ones, as the fear mongers are crying out. As a matter of fact, President Obama and most democrats, are supporting a countrywide ID card. So this may be a need after all.
Even if an individual does not have the necessary ID on his person, it is simply a ritual to get this information. You can go on the computer and check a person's records, photographs, and other identifying details fairly quickly.
sadly, our own president is asking the Justice office to challenge the new law. All he does is adding fuel to the fire that's already brewing. Adding more fears and making more made up stress is not what the leader of our country should be doing. In the short run, this should help him to look good for his Hispanic components, but in the longer term, his credibility will be on fragile ice and may suffer.
therefore who is truly opposed to this new law? The aliens who are here unlawfully. Who else would be in fear of getting pulled over for a ticket when you know your not here legally? What if the government announced that they were going to audit every one's tax return. Who would be the ones that would cry the loudest? All of those who either did not file a return, or had cheated. The people who filed a return and did it right, don't have nothing to fret about.
The laws are implemented to give protection to the good law abiding citizens. So if your not a citizen of this country, than yes, you should be afraid of being arrested and going to jail, because you are breaking the law simply by being here. Not a good way to start your new life is it. What kind of American voter would you be anyway? You are breaking the law.
I think the thing that has me upset the most, is the perspective from these folks. I understand the cause of wanting to come into this great country. The opportunities and the chance to improve your life and the lives of your folks, make coming into America a rare chance. That is why this country has always kept it's doors open to such a lot. The Statue of liberty stands for freedom for all....."Bring me your exhausted, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to respire free.....
liberty is not free. There's work to maintain our freedoms. There are those who would love to destroy the freedoms that we enjoy. The freedoms that we have paid with the blood of so many brave men and women of America. These people who try to come here by breaking our laws, and nicking our roles. They haven't shed one once of blood or paid one dime in taxes for THE RIGHT! Yes it is a right and a privilege to be an American citizen.
You can't come in here and think that we or any person else owes you something. We owe you nothing! You owe us the explanation and the where withal that you belong to this great land. That you can carry your weight, and earn the prerogative to be called an American.
These individuals who are doing the loudest complaining about this new law are the arrogant, ungrateful. The ones running this country down with their mouth, burning our flag and spiting in the faces of all of the legal aliens. The true US citizens.

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