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By: Mel Joelle

Google wallet is one of the best applications in the smartphone scope. Among other uses, it provides an effortless way to transfer money. You must now be wondering how does that work? It is easy the mechanism behind Google wallet enables it to function by communicating or sending data to the checkout point. What you need to do once you have your goods is simply tap your smartphone’s register. What will happen is that your phone will send wireless to your location, which is the store. You will need to unlock it using your secret pin and your bill will be settled. No cash money will exchange hands; your bill will however be settled thanks to Google wallet application. What will happen is that once your bill is settled, you will notice a deduction of cash from your bank.

The ground details of using Google wallet are that you need to have a Google prepaid card. This card will be given free to early adopters of the innovation. What seals the deal is that it will have a free $10 in it thanks to Google. In order for the application to work, you will need to have a credit card from Citi MasterCard that has money. With this, you can make transactions from your bank to the store.

Google wallet is an innovation that was crafted to capture the interest of all generations. It is a great idea that will help you reduce the risk of carrying a lot of money with you. However, at the moment the application is on test and is only available for people with Sprint Nexus 4G. Never mind, the application is expanding and will soon be available for other smartphone models. Other than this, plans are underway to have the application compatible with any credit card. At the moment, systems like visa, American express and discover have come onboard.

In order to use Google wallet, you need to access a store that will accept the transaction. This will probably be a store that has embraced technology and is using money transfer gadgets like ETR or MasterCard paypass. You can know if a store can accept Google wallet by looking t your checkout register. If it displays paypass, it means that you are allowed to use Google wallet in the particular store.

The world of technology has brought great applications that have made our lives better and made our phones our favorite companions. Google wallet in particular is definitely one of the best innovations of all times. Its functionality has made it popular already. It goes without saying that the application is a complete success. Soon, it will be compatible with visa, American express and Discover. This step will allow the application to be usable by millions of people. Other than this, there are plans to have the application available for use irrespective of the model of your phone.

Things are rolling out for Google wallet. If you do not have a Sprint Nexus 4G, you can feel free to wait for the application to be available on your phone or simply get a Sprint Nexus 4G and check out the application.

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