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By: Mel Joelle

If you are a site owner, your ultimate goal is to have a website ranked on top of search engine results. Your aim is to have more people to visit your site and get good advertising to spread out. The number of visitors that visit your site are considered as traffic sources. If you have a good amount of traffic generated by the visitors coming in and visiting your website, you have the chance of hitting higher ranks in the search engine generated results. There are different types of Google SEO tools that you can use to check on your website. These tools are very helpful especially when you want to rank your page on top of search engine results.

Why is it important to get good ranks? This is because your visibility will increase and a lot of people will be able to know the existence of your products and services. A lot of people want to know how this is made possible. A website can be SEO optimized if proper technique is done. It is not only about getting your site packed with a lot of keywords and key phrases but as well as observing and knowing your kind of audience. As there are a lot of SEO tools offered by Google, you will be able to determine your site’s rank and what you need to do to reach the top spot.

An excellent help to know the amount of keywords you have is by checking it with the Google Keyword Density Checker. This will allow you to determine if the keywords you have on your website is ideal and will not be marked as spam. If you have about 3 to 6 percent keyword density, you can infer that you will not get banned for spamming. You can also check what kind of keywords your visitors use by using Google Analytics. This is a great way to know how many people visit your site because you will be able see a real time graph drawn to let new users have easy understanding of what it is all about. On the other hand, expert users can have empowerment by making use of this SEO tool.

Although there are countless SEO tools offered by Google, the first step to get your website indexed and crawled is by using the Google Webmaster Tools. Since it’s free, you will have the advantage of using it without stretching extra bucks. You will have your own dashboard where you can see errors encountered by bots when visiting your website and reasons behind why it crashes. Statistics are located in the Google Webmaster Tools. However, statistics displayed are not shown as it happens. It is a compilation of the traffic acquired from previous days, weeks, months and even years.

Even if you do not get to see real time stats, you will be able to know the development and the increase as well as the decrease of the traffic you have. This will allow you to make the proper integration to boost the stats of the website you have. Further, you will also get the chance to make comparison with your competitors’ sites and see what improvements they have and how they rank as well. By doing so, you will have an idea what to develop and where to start.

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