Google Humming Bird: A Gift To Users /Shook to online marketers

By: roy don

Google has Given a Gift named Humming Bird on its 15th Birthday . Google has announces a change in there search algorithm and search experience on 26th September 2013 at a press conference.
But This gift of Google has bring the on online marketers in to shook!!
Google came clear and admitted that the new algorithm had been up and running for the past 30 days .
Now Lets have a look over the changing algorithm from older to new one or from Panda and Penguin to Humming Bird.
Panda and Penguin were updated changes being made in to the algorithm, but Hummingbird has entirely replaced the old algorithm. It has come up with entirely new ranking algorithm.
Google has applied the algorithm to the entire index instead of just the Knowledge Graph.It has quest on the next level of artificial intelligence.
Humming Bird is about major queries:-
1. This is much smarter.
2. It can answer questions,
3. It can filter the answers
4. It can give the comparison data.
And then the data will be right here for you
Google previously worked on matched the keywords in a search to the same words on Web pages. Now the Google has come up with the Hummingbird in regards to a shift to understanding the meaning of phrases in a query and then displaying Web pages which matches more accurately with the meaning.
Google had taken a small step toward this. Google have introduces a the knowledge graph which understand the meanings and relationships between things, people and places,that is called as semantic search. It is why a search for First lady, shows her birthday, her hometown and family members names, as well as related links
And now the work done by Google on the algorithm understands the conversational language, like as interpreting what pronouns are there in a search query .
Hummingbird defines the result in more extended form by trying it to connect phrases and understand concepts in a long query.
This Bring about the change in results showing.
Hummingbird focuses on ranking based on more intelligent and naturalistic search
 Less emphasis on individual keywords and more emphasis on their collective
 Simple as picking up your phone call. Its a mobile friendly
 New search algorithm’s signifies toward semantic search
provides the most accurate answer possible
 More Conceptual
Hence we can draw the conclusion that Google is stepping towards retaining more data for its own purposes, thus there is need to provide it with a unique data . This will enable Google to target consumers with advertising and promotions more accurately .

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