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By: Mel Joelle

Google has done it once again. They are now in the forefront, when it comes to Internet browsers. Chrome by Google rates in the top three for web browsing. At first Google had a hard time retaining searchers because they did not offer extensions or apps that the public wanted to use. Now, users will not only be able to search the web faster and more efficiently with Google Chrome but they will also enjoy the availability of extensions that this web browser offers. Google Chrome as of late offers more than eleven thousand extensions to make your life easier and a lot more fun.

YouTube Feed

People young and old alike love to watch YouTube videos. Google Chrome helps these people to keep up to date with videos that have been added to their YouTube Homepage Feed. This extension can determine what may be of interest to them based on their favorites and other videos they may have made comments on. It also detects whether new videos are from a friend or channels where a person has signed up.

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand is a shopping extension that will let you know if a product or service you are looking for can be found cheaper on another web page. It will provide you with a link that you can click on to go directly to these cheaper retailers and services. Right now you will be able to compare prices for more than two hundred and twenty retailers. This extension works for people who live in the United Stares, the United Kingdom, and Germany. You will also be able to access and compare five hundred and eighty nine airlines in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sports Scoreboard

For those of you who are big sports fans, Sports Scoreboard may be the helpful Google Chrome extension for you. This extension will report to you scores from the major leagues and college teams. Sports Scoreboard can link you to websites such as ESPN and GameCast. With this great extension you can select which teams you like the best in each sport. Once you have selected your favorite teams, you can then set your extension to notify you when their scoreboard is available.

Instant Message Notifier

Instant Message Notifier is a service that is web-based. It lets a user combine all of their text messages, video chats, and voice messages at so they do not have to check their separate protocols. It is user friendly with many protocols such as Facebook, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. With Instant Message Notifier you can receive notifications on your desktop. You will also receive sound alerts when you get a new message.


If you enjoy news blogs, then you will enjoy Mashable. This Google Chrome extension allows a person to receive alerts about new blog articles that may be of an interest to you. You can set this extension so that it knows all of the topics in which you are interested. Sharing information with Twitter or Facebook is easy to do with a Mashable extension. This extension truly keeps on top of all your article blogs of interest because it updates every ten minutes.

You can simplify your life with Google Chrome Extensions.

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