Good news:iPhone5 will be released on September 12th be on sale on September 21th

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July 31, Internet rumors in the iPhone5 will be released on September 12th, be on sale on September 21th. Now it appears that the rumor has no doubt anymore, and apple relationship was very closely Jim Dalrymple has also confirmed the news. Jim Dalrymple this man, and apple has been a very good relationship, or even apple often through his blog The Loop official statement. Therefore, as soon as he confirmed, basically have no variables.
IPhone 5 dream design: People like to see 10 big functions
Apple iPhone 5 for smart phones out his mouth shut and did not provide any information about this phone might provide clues to what function. But it won't stop possible buyers and technology enthusiasts speculate that this product and provide their own for this kind of mobile phone list of hope. This is about the iPhone and launched something interesting. Below are people like to see the iPhone5 10 big functions:
1.Bigger screen
IPhone5 will be provided with 4 inch screen. Apple now has the iPhone 3.5 inch screen. Although apple did not confirm the news, apple in the iPhone5 provides the possibility of four inches display screen is very high.

From now on, consumer and enterprise users are expected to see NFC technology into the Android mobile phones. They can't count on apple's iPhone also apply the same technology. In the iPhone 5, apple can change this kind of situation and provide eventually NFC technology and the technology about all the benefits.

3. The same price
Apple history of the latest cell phone kept the price of a generation mobile phones with the same price. Apple for iPhone 5 also must do this. To bind two years of contract a price of $199, the price of the iPhone is perfect. Apple should make every effort to keep the price level and operators.

4. iOS 6
If apple is not provided in the mobile phone operating system iOS 6, it is not the iPhone 5. After all iOS 6 is the apple of the latest mobile operating system, should be used for apple best mobile hardware

5. 4G LTE
With the current of the launch of the smart phone all 4 G LTE network configuration function, apple to offer the same connection makes sense. In the mobile wireless fields, 4 G LTE is the future. Every one knows this.

6. The new look and feel
The iPhone design some old. Apple launched the iPhone 4 two years ago and has been insisting to today's iPhone 4 S. Apple's iPhone 5 should come out with new design, and shows an apple not satisfied with simply to maintain the status quo and charge each quarter profits.

7. The smaller base connector port
Apple in the iPhone 5 will field a smaller base connector port. The port provide 19 needle, and at present the apple is using the port is 30 stitches. This may make some accessories owner discontent. But, more small port with the passage of time will offer more features. The situation is better, it will save for apple mobile devices valuable space. This is a win-win approach.

8. Continue to hope to provide mobility
In the past few years, apple iPhone is one of the key to success in as far as possible more apple allows the mobility. Mobile phone iPhone is very thin, and is not too long, very suitable for in a pocket. In the final of the design of apple, apple should be sure will continue to provide everyone looking forward to provide the high quality of apple mobility.

9. Introduce A6 processor
When apple released a new iPad, many hope apple will launch A6 processor. However, in the new apple iPad for A5X processor. Have speculated that says, and the next iPhone will be provided with four nuclear A6 processor. People can only hope.

10. Wireless charger
Apple has been slow and sure to start in many products completely using wireless technology. For example, the iPhone not connected to a computer to update and can use wireless update. However, apple and so far they have not in an important place cancel wire: wireless charging. Now apple is for iPhone ecosystem provide wireless charging. The best way to do this is to provide the iPhone 5 of the function.

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