Good Reasons Why You Need a standardized Recipe When Cooking

By: Stephen John

A recipe refers to a written procedure for cooking a particular dish. It also contains a list of ingredients with specific volumes to enable the cook to produce the desired result.

Standardized recipes are used everyday in homes, restaurants, ships, and other establishments. They have been tested, and using them can give you an assurance that you will be able to consistently produce the desired quality every time you cook. But aside from getting consistent food quality, using a recipe offers a lot benefits which are:

1. Predictable Yield

Each recipe sets the specific amount or volume of ingredients you'll be working with. This will give you a clear idea how much food you will produce. This reduces or eliminates the possibility of shortages or wastes during serving time.

3. Accurate Nutrient Content

Standardized recipes specify the measurement, quantity or volume of each ingredient. It can give you a good idea of the nutrient content of the foods you prepare.

4. Food Cost Control

Using the same ingredients, quantities and procedures for cooking can give you an idea of the cost of the food you cook. This allows you to determine the cost of the food per serving.

5. Efficient Purchasing

With a recipe, it is easy to determine the quantity of ingredients you need to buy because all the ingredients are measured or counted.

6. Inventory Control

If you keep a stock of cooking ingredients, using a cooking guide will enable you to monitor the quantity or volume of each item. You only need to record your withdrawals to be able to determine how much is left.

7. Labor Cost Control

If you operate a restaurant or catering business, the use of written procedures in performing cooking jobs can help to make your workers perform efficiently.

8. Employee Confidence

Using a cooking guide helps to eliminate guess work and reduces the possibility of mistakes. It can make you and your employees confident that you are doing things right.

How to Use a Standardized Recipe

1. Understand it.

The best way to understand a recipe is to read it first. This will make you familiar with the ingredients and the processes involved. Reading a cooking guide can also help you to evaluate if the ingredients are available or if the procedures are too complex for you to do. This will save you the effort and waste of starting something you can't finish.

2. Prepare the ingredients.

Once you have decided to do the recipe, the first step you should make is to prepare all the ingredients. Being sure that all the necessary components are ready will give you the momentum and enthusiasm to start your cooking adventure.

3. Prepare your equipment and utensils.

Successful cooking doesn't begin and end with using the right ingredients alone. It also involves utilizing the right equipment and utensils. So before you turn that stove or burner on, be sure that every single piece of cooking equipment or their alternatives are ready.

Cooking is fun. It can foster family bonding and strengthen friendships. Get into the world of culinary adventures by learning how to cook like a pro.

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