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Like most urbanites around the world, you tend to fantasize about having a day all to yourself. About not having to wake up early when thatís the last thing you actually feel like doing. About lounging in bed reading a good book or catching up on your favorite TV shows. About staying at home and spending the day in your PJs if thatís what you want. You sigh; thatís your daydream, but reality, of course, is a totally different story.

Hereís the scenario: your alarm gives a shrill ring at six thirty in the morning, and even though you just slept a mere four hours prior, you knew you had to wake up or risk being stuck in traffic and running late for work. You try to prep yourself up with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and by the time itís half past seven youíre almost ready to head for the door. You arrive at the office at around eight, and as you get settled at your workstation you give yourself an inward pat. You donít feel so energetic but you shouldnít focus on that. After all, youíll be working for eight or nine hours Ė you should at least make a conscious attempt to concentrate.

Your lifestyle outside work isnít helping matters any, either. On weekends you either catch up on your much needed sleep or you hang out with your friends Ė both of which you donít get to do during regular weekdays. What you donít strive to do, meanwhile, is pay attention to your diet and make a conscious effort to exercise. Itís not that you really donít want to; itís just that more often than not you find yourself too tired to even bother. You sigh to yourself. No wonder you feel tired all the time!

Well, just because you canít motivate yourself to cook everyday doesnít mean you canít do anything about your nutrition. Take for instance vitamins and supplements. Do you make it a habit to take one or two capsules every day? There are good quality nutrition vitamins in South Dakota and the US; consult your doctor about vitamins and supplements in South Dakota and start incorporating them into your daily routine.

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And if you're a bit apprehensive that doing so would put a dent on your time and budget, donít be. You can easily buy nutrition supplements online. In fact, youíre bound to find vitamins and supplements in South Dakota and the U.S that are offered at very low, reasonable prices. If you want to improve your lifestyle, anytime is a good time to do so. Start now and

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