Good Answers to Common Questions

By: Ray James

Interviews are always a big challenge whether for the first time or not. There is a proven way to reduce this tension: that is ?be prepared?. Spend time in reviewing the important and most common questions and practice giving answers. Take some time researching the company?s profile, its management and establishment and this will definitely increase your knowledge and confidence as well. Be prepared to clarify your previous experience in terms of your previous position and that company?s name. Review your resume carefully and ensure that you are able discuss your previous company without scrabbling for ideas.

Give some time to researching the company?s profile, its management and establishment as this will definitely add to your knowledge and confidence as a result. Be prepared to discuss your previous experience in terms of your designation and company name. Make yourself familiar with your resume and you should be able to discuss aspects about your previous company without stumbling over your words. The following are some important guidelines for how to answer job interview questions; they will definitely result in a successful interview:

* ?Tell me something about yourself?? This one is a typical opening question in an interview; be careful and specific in how you form an answer. Give your introduction in as small a time as possible. You will need to cover four important topics: early years, education, work history and recent career experience. Don?t waste time here. * ?What do you know about our organization?? This is one of the key questions which will demonstrate your knowledge. You should be prepared to discuss the products, services; revenues, reputation, image, goal, management style etc. Never give an impression that you know all and don?t overwhelm the interviewer with irrelevant facts. Use the opportunity to prove that you are a eager learner and you want to investigate more. * ?Why do you want to work with our company?? Such questions can have a significant role in your selection but only if you are geared up and you know how to answer job interview questions. The answer will be entirely reliant upon your research, the area in which the company is emergent, whether it is research and development, finance, strong management, so you should provide an answer leaning towards company conditions. * ?What can you do for us that someone else can not?? Expand upon your previous achievements and any previous records of successful conclusion of projects over time. Be clear about your skills, the interests that you have mentioned in the resume and make yourself indispensable to the interviewer. * ?What interests you in this position?? With this question you will be required to provide two or three attractive aspects of the job on offer, along with one or two minor negative points. * ?Why should we hire you?? Present the answer with reference to your aptitude, knowledge and energy, your dedication to learning new skills etc. * ?What are your expectations from this job?? Your response to this question should lean towards company opportunities and not your own personal security. * ?How long would you like to stay with us?? Offer an optimistic reply in that you would like to work with the organization and attain the best possible position, whilst remaining with them for as long as your services are required. * ?What are your long range goals?? As before, the answer to this question should be company oriented. Expand upon your goals such as they are relevant to the progress and success of the company. * ?How successful you have been so far?? Speak with confidence and state that you are happy with the way your career has progressed so far and that you have no regrets to this point in time.

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