Golf Finger Sleeves

By: Max Webster

SOFTOUCH™ golf finger sleeves are designed to be used in the game of golf in lieu of a golf glove on the "power" hand or in conjunction with the gloved hand on the "trailing" hand. The sleeve acts as a protective device reducing friction points on certain key areas of the fingers, these friction points will vary from player to player thusly the "Sleeves" are designed to target only those areas alleviating irritation, blistering and calluses without hindering or detracting from the "feel" or sensitivity of the execution of the golf swing.
This product also promotes a softer touch and looser grip which is particularly beneficial for the novice golfer who tends to "choke" the club with the trailing hand. Yet adding club head stability being critical for accuracy do to the additional material creating more frictional grip in key areas on the fingers, which is unique to each and every individual player.
The SOFTOUCH™ product will be provided in a "Short Sleeve" and "Long Sleeve" format to allow the player to customize his or her particular needs to cover the critical friction points which will vary player to player without detracting from the essential need for "feel" and control.
SOFTOUCH™ is also particularly beneficial for those players with arthritis; the gripping pressures required in holding the club will agitate the joints inducing addition pain to an already painful situation. Because the "Sleeves" promote a softer grip without sacrificing club head stability the user will find less joint agitation resulting from less pressure required to achieve the same "grip" due to the increased frictional points on the required fingers while not detracting from mobility or "feel".
With golf being a game in distance, accuracy and skill; the fluidity and precision of the golf swing being the most quintessential aspect to the game, every little nuance helps beginning with the grip of the club. Pressures used in holding the club can affect everything from club head speed to distance and accuracy therefore addressing the very fundamentals such as gripping the club is absolutely imperative to the essence of the game itself.
SOFTOUCH™ is a product that is manufactured by Mystyk Productions Inc. we are a Canadian based company geared to providing wholesale and retail services of finger sleeves worldwide. We supply individual consumers to multi-corporations interested in bulk purchases; no sale is too big or too small.
The SOFTOUCH™ finger sleeve needs not to be restricted just to golf, this product can be used in variety of applications ranging from sports such as baseball, tennis, racquet ball, cricket, rodeo riding, climbing, squash, basically any sporting activity involving gripping and friction; to work and industrial applications ranging from yard work such as raking and shoveling to working an assembly line. SOFTOUCH™ is ideal for any actions which might result in finger irritation, blistering, calluses and sores.

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