Gold and Silver - The Enchanting Asset

By: Willene Phenix

A common word that is getting accustomed among people is Numismatics. You can easily define it as a collection or study of currency; coins like silver, gold coins, etc; tokens; and various other related objects. One thing that you need to know is that old and antique coins have a huge price and even the rare ones. Similar to stamp collecting, coin collection is also a great hobby and it can be even an excellent time saver too. Earlier precious metals like silver and gold were served as money and it is a common method of business like the barter one. Of course everyone knows that barter system is not a convent medium of exchange.

Most of the historians believe that the first coins ( i.e the gold and silver coins) were somewhat created in the 700 BCE. Coins at that time weighed about 8.4 grams and as per the evaluation taken in 1988, it was priced at 94.50. In case of silver that is the silver shekels, it became famous during the common era and was notorious for the role it played in the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. One thing that you need to realize is that gold is the world's oldest and the costliest international currency.

It has played a major role in most of the currency systems of various countries and for over about two thousand years and even continues to do so. Slowly, the gold coins got migrated and minted to the Mediterranean civilization and it circulated far away to the countries outside that region. Indeed one will easily become shocked to know that the Roman gold coins were used for the fall of the Roman empire itself.

Have you ever thought that gold and silver coins are an excellent source of investment? Well to be frank it is indeed and there are various means and ways of buying silver and gold today. You can easily buy a gold coin, jewelry, silver coins, and other the list goes on and on. If you research on the web, you can get good websites which sell all kinds of gold and silver related commodities. Quite easily you can purchase them and make a suitable amount of savings.

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Silver coins are possibly the oldest mass-produced form of coinage.

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