Going Green in simple terms

By: Ana Lorenzo

An eco-friendly way of life is becoming a very popular term, but for some, change does not come too easy. Many households are not willing to change the way things are done
It is very difficult to make a change unless you understand that "going green" is not a change after all, it's just going back to basics.
For me, being Green is something I've unconsciously been doing all my life. I didn't call it that, though. In my family, we had no choice but to "live green". Back then, we just named our style "living poor".
Going Green takes no effort after all. All we need to do is mimic the ways of our parents or grandparents. If we think about how things were done 20 years ago, you'll realize "going green" efforts is nothing new. Going back to basic practices can make such a difference in our environment and in our pockets.
Mr. Green in the family was my dad. He was the electricity military. My dad constantly reminded us to turn off the tv's and the lights and the hot water and the fans... you name it. It was very frustrating. We would get screamed at if the front door stayed opened for even ten seconds. The Air Conditioning, that was the worse. We would use the AC in extreme temperatures only. Otherwise, open windows and fans. Not too pleasant in Florida.
My mom was just as bad. She refused to buy paper towels, and if she did, a roll will last almost a year. She will actually rince the paper towel and lay it to dry. I'm not lying. I learned how to turn on a dishwasher after getting married. My mother will use the dishwasher to store dishes. She'll reuse glass containers to store left-overs. The cloth dryer was non existant. She will line dry instead. I don't remember ever having disposable cups or plates in our house, not even for party's. Times were tough, and going green was the way to live.
I definitely, didn't continue all their practices. Times have changed, and I just can't see myself not using the dryer, or discontinue the use of disposable diapers. There are some modern things that are just too convenient to let pass by. We can, though, re-condition ourselves to going back to basic practices. "Going Green" is easy. It's just committing to make a couple of small changes in our own household. Just imagine the difference it will make in our environment, if each household in the United States (population of over 300 million) made a commitment to go green in just one way.

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Ana Lorenzo is the founder of The Bag Movement,LLC. The program was established to eliminate plastic bags while raising funds for charity. For more information on how you can help please visit www.thebagmovement.com

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