Gmail Extensions For Chrome

By: Mel Joelle

Google’s Chrome browser may be relatively new, but its use is growing very fast, in addition, there’s a growing need to make it even more convenient for users. The browser is very slim, and this is what makes it reliable. One key advantage is the extension access, which is meant to make the browsing experience even better. With Gmail emerging as the most preferred email address provider, especially for serious computer users, Google chrome has come up with useful extensions to enable easy access for users, allowing them to browse through their Gmail accounts effectively, without opening another tab.

Great Features For Google Chrome

The Google Mail Checker has an icon that is strategically placed on the Google Chrome address bar at the top right-hand corner of your screen. The icon gives you an updated count of any unread emails in your inbox. You can simply access your inbox with just one click. This enables you to read your emails without opening a new tab, and is very convenient for people who like checking their emails on a day-to-day basis. This extension also has extra features like desktop and sound notification. With the Google mail checker, you can monitor different applications provided by your Google email address.

New Extensions

The Google extension automatically sets Gmail as your default email application. When you’re browsing using Google Chrome, and you click on an email address on a web page, this extension will open a composed window where you can quickly type a message and send it to that email address. The extension comes with a new button next to the address bar which you can use to send emails directly from Gmail. It automatically puts the title of the web page you are currently on as the subject of the message, while the body of the message consists of the selected page text and the link address.

The Hide Gmail ads is another popular extension provided by the Google Chrome browser. With this extension, you can expand your messages to fit the whole width of the page by hiding the Gmail ads on the right. Any useful links that were previously displayed on the right can be moved to the top of the message while hiding the “invite a friend” box found on the left. With this extension, you can also fix the page width, and reposition the print button.

The Autopen Signature extension allows you to include images, rich formatting, and HTML once you link it to your Gmail account. With this extension, you can create different signature profiles with a rich text editor. The Gmail Sender’s picture extension will attach the sender’s photo to their email. This will be their Google profile picture if they already have one, or it will search for a picture from Gmail’s setting panel. There are many other Gmail extensions for Google Chrome that you can add to make your browsing and email experience more convenient, and better suited to your needs. They can be found by searching the Internet, blogs, or community forums.

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