Giving Your Horse All It Needs to Grow to Its Full Potential

By: Simon Mcbride

Taking care of a horse is a difficult ordeal, no matter how well prepared you are. There are many important details that you have to consider if you want your horse to grow up healthy and strong, and missing even some of those things can quickly spell disaster. On the other hand, if you're careful and responsible in raising that horse, you can see it grow up to be strong, healthy and athletic, as much as its breed allows for.

A large part of that depends on you, so you must be ready to put a lot of effort into your horse's raising to ensure that it will receive the full attention that it needs. One of the most important things is that you always keep your horse well fed and provided with everything else that it needs in its everyday life.

If you're raising that horse for racing, then it's particularly important that you equip it properly for all situations it might face. For example, the saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you'll have to be careful about. A good saddle makes all the difference in the way your horse feels when you're on its back, and you can improve the riding experience a great deal by investing in a quality saddle. Keep in mind that saddles tend to be highly individual for each horse though, so it's a good idea to try it out on the horse in person and see how it fits before spending any money.

Stable supplies are also an important thing to consider, you'll want to have everything you need readily available in the stable in case something goes wrong and you need to treat your horse immediately. Pay special attention to things like emergency medical supplies, braces, special shoes and so on. If you're not sure that you might be missing something in there, just talk to a professional and let them know about your inventory. The store you're buying from should be able to give you plenty of tips regarding what to buy for your horse as well.

Last but not least, even if you're experienced with raising a horse, you could probably benefit from learning something new every day. And the best way to get that done is by investing in a bunch of good books and DVDs about horses. There are plenty of those out there nowadays, but of course you can't expect the same level of quality from all of them across the board. So make sure you look up some reviews and other pieces of information that can tell you what to expect from a given book, to avoid wasting your money on books that are either poorly written, or above/below your skill level. Again, talk to the store if you're feeling confused and see what they can recommend, as more often than not they'll know exactly what books you should be orienting your search towards, and you could build up a neat collection in no time.

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