Giving Up Smoking on The First Try

By: Derren Park

Giving up smoking on the first try does not occur too a lot, in fact, many studies illustrate fewer than 20 percent of individuals successfully quitting cigarettes on their first attempt. The withdrawal symptom associated with smoking cessation can be quite terrible for most people and it is in your best interest to be successful on your first attempt.

Here are some tips to help better your chance to quit smoking successfully:
inspiration ? Carry a small note pad with you at all times and start writing down all the reasons to give up smoking. You may want to quit for your children, wife, to save money, for better health for example and you should always keep them in your mind to keep you motivated. Write down the reason to give up smoking and read them again and again.

Ways to giving up smoking ? Start reading up on how others have quit smoking and plan your own giving up smoking strategy. You can quit cold turkey, use stop smoking products such as nicotine gums or patches, hypnosis is another option, or go a little unconventional and quit with acupuncture. You may even combine many methods to better your chances and consulting a health professional is recommended. Educating yourself and planning ahead will boost your chance at giving up smoking on your first try.

Get Support ? Let it be known to your friends and family that you are quitting smoking.. You will not only receive support from your loved ones, but you now have accountability to go through with your declaration to stop smoking. Having the support of loved ones in difficult times is crucial, don't be shy and seek out their help..

These are but only small pieces of a large puzzle, its important to keep educating yourself on the topics of giving up smoking to make sure you have success on your first try.

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