Giving Up Smoking, because of my Dog

By: Hela

Like many pet owners I think that being one is more akin to a calling than hobby. When you adopt your pet, no matter if it is a dog a, cat, a hamster or even a parrot you do not simply let it in your home you let it in your heart. No matter what you have felt before that you will grow really attached to your new flat mate. And I can confirm that from my experience.
We and my girlfriend had had our three years anniversary and she single handedly decided that we need to fulfill her dream by giving me a puppy for a present. Not that I had anything against it, but it was completely out of the blue. As I said I was really surprised at first but soon enough I ended up taking care of the little fur ball, which at the time could fit comfortably in a small sized flower pot.
Several months later and Rango was as part of our modest household as the TV, the tap water and the smell of waffles every Saturday morning. The little retriever was constantly full of energy and it was joy to have him, although he did manage to eat the thanksgiving turkey (at least most of it ) and to destroy several TV remotes .
But around the time he reached one year he started to behave strange. He was wheezing, panting and coughing. I took him right away to the vet as soon as I realized and after some tests the problem became clear. It turned out that Rango was allergic to cigarette smoke. As the only smoker of the household I suddenly felt quite guilty for I was the one responsible for the pain of my friend, a friend that had unconditionally proven his love and loyalty to me.
The only thing that could help Rango was to be no longer exposed to second hand cigarette smoke. And I decided that it was about time for me to give up smoking.
With the help of the Internet I looked for alternatives and in the end decided to go with an electronic cigarette. At initally it was a really new experience, but after the first week I didnít even look back at the normal cigarettes. I still tried to vape away from Rango, but with the smoke gone so were his symptoms.
Now almost a one year later I am a stout supporter of the electronic cigarettes cause. It will really change your life for the better and it will have at least some effect on the people around you.

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