Give a robotic dinosaur and get a smile!

By: Anthony Riali

You may or may not have already seen one of the new hot toys for 2009, robotic dinosaurs. Every year it seems there is a must have toy, and this year this is it. If you would like one of these, don't try getting it right before Christmas, because they will likely be gone by then.

Cheaper robotic dinosaurs can build a sound. Some might even be able to stroll or move. The pricey dinosaurs are much more interesting though. These can interact with you and your family.
The more expensive toys have many different features. They can walk without running into walls. They can sense it when you lay a hand on them. For example, if you try thumping the dinosaur on the head it might roar at you. Repeated attempts eventually cause the dinosaur to attack.

D-Rex is most likely the most wanted robotic dinosaur this holiday season. The dinosaur can be intimidating. His huge grin shows off jagged teeth, and he wears leather collars with spikes. You can use the remote control to program the robot from a distance. He can be set to do lots of tasks, such as mind-boggling anyone who comes by by roaring at them.

The D-Rex can be taught a sequence of commands. The owner can use the remote to program in a list, and the dinosaur can remember and repeat it. He also has many different modes. He has a power saving sleep mode, a guard mode, a prank mode and a seek mode. In prank mode the dinosaur makes humorous noises. In seek mode he will come when you whistle.

Growing up, numerous elementary school age kids fall in love with dinosaurs. This is something that parents should try to endorse. It may help your kids with a lifelong love of learning. Getting a robotic dinosaur could even encourage your child to one day become a paleontologist. Then your kid might even discover their own dinosaurs.

These robotic dinosaurs can come with a pretty big price tag. At the low end of the scale they can be as cheap as fifteen or twenty dollars. Just don't expect a fifteen dollar model to do anything more exhilarating than walk. The D-Rex mentioned above can cost as much as two hundred dollars. If this does not break the bank for you, then it could be an outstanding gift, and you will be pleased with your children's enthusiastic interest. Children don't take the state of the economy into account when it comes to Christmas presents.

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