Give Your Children a Double Thrill with Santa Gifts and Santa Calls

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The Christmas season is probably the most special time of the entire year. People everywhere are happier and kinder to one another during this season than they are the rest of the year. Children are exceptionally happy at this time of year as they look forward to Santa Claus’ annual visit. Parents can pump this happiness to a new level and give children a double thrill with Santa gifts and Santa calls.

Santa gifts, for our purposes, are items given before Christmas that have a Santa centric theme. These can be many different types of gifts. Ornaments, figurines, craft items, and others fit into this category. Giving children some type of Santa gift a little ahead of time will put them in the Christmas spirit earlier and keep it stronger for a longer period of time. These items can also have a positive effect on adults, especially the craft kits that parents and children can work on together. Opportunities for this type of bonding are few and far between these days.

What child would not be thrilled to receive a phone call from Santa Claus himself? These calls are prearranged by the parents and can be either live or recorded. Live calls cost more than the recorded ones because there is more actual interaction with the child. Personal information must be shared, including the child’s name, gender, Christmas wish, accomplishments, and other personal details that can be used to make the call personal and keep the illusion of Santa knowing everything about every child are needed to make the call convincing. Live Santa calls can make even an older child believe in Santa a little while longer if handled properly.

Prerecorded Santa calls are not as costly as live ones, but must usually be scheduled farther in advance due to scheduling difficulties as the schedule fills in. These calls are normally not as personal as a live call. A carefully written script that leaves room to edit in the child’s name and gender with strategic pauses to encourage interaction from the child are key elements of a prerecorded Santa call. Not as many personal details are required, because Santa will not be responding to a specific question or statement from the child. These calls are, however, ideal for younger children.

Now for the double thrill. Providing children with a variety of Santa gifts will make them very happy and keep them occupied so that the parents can know exactly where they will be and when they will be available to take a call from Santa. Working on a Santa craft or doing some activity in an activity book about Santa will have him on the children’s minds. When the parents call the children to the phone to take a call from Santa, the jump in happiness and the gleam in the children’s eyes will also provide a priceless thrill for the parents.

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