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Every now and then the marketing team gathers in the conference room and tries to devise a cost effective advertising campaign. One of the major problems faced by the businesses of today is that they invest millions of dollars advertising yet they fail to get the desired results. This has becoming a serious problem for many businesses and a matter of immediate concern as well.

The losses due to ineffective advertising campaign have become so profound that the threat of bankruptcy hangs on the walls of the businesses. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that is indeed a do or die situation. If businesses do not resolve this problem immediately the consequences will be disastrous.

To come up with a solution that solves the problem successfully we need to understand the core of the problem and try to dissect the situation. It is said, the devil is in the details and that is why we will get into the details of the problem. In this era, advertising is a tactic that is employed by in large all the businesses of the world.

A consumer is exposed to hundreds of ads every single day therefore it is difficult for the consumer to retain all these different ads in its limited short term memory. The phenomenon is also known as saturation. So, even if businesses spend millions of dollars in advertising it is no good as the consumer cannot remember it.

This leads to another situation that requires pondering and meditation, how can a business make itself remembered by the customer? The answer to this question is very simple, by unique and innovative ways. Customers will only remember something that is “different”, out of the box and unique. One such technique of advertising is promotional bags.

They are used by businesses as give away presents for customers or as a product for sale. These are bags that are customized to meet the advertising needs of the business. For instance, if the objective of the advertising campaign is to create awareness for the business logo then they will have the logo of the business printed on the bags being used for promotion. On the other hand, if the business wants people to memorize their slogan or tag line then they would want to print the logo as well as the tag line.

The reason behind the choice of bags being used for promotional purpose is that it is an accessory that is not subjected to any kind of gender discrimination. It is used by males and females for multiple purposes, for instance, both genders use bags for storing and carrying their laptops, Ipads, Iphone, Cell Phones etc. Other than this briefcase bags are carried by men and women when they go to work.

Another major form of bag that is being used by women as well as men is grocery bags. These bags are easy to use and carry and have a lot of space in it. A business can choose any form of these bags for its advertising campaign.

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