Gifts They Will Remember

By: Kadence Buchanan

If your kid's birthday is approaching fast and you are searching the market for an idea that will excite your child and be memorable, you should better read the following ideas and avoid spending a fortune on an item that might be disregarded as soon as the packaging is off the box.

- Books: Books on history, geography, literature, or those discussing hobbies and crafts can be an excellent present for any age. The musical or squeaky books can be given to smaller ones, preschoolers can receive short stories with coloring pages, older children will be happy to read an adventure and mystery story, and young teenagers are always interesting in examining something trendy or seeing the world-even through the pages of a book. Select the right book according to your child's interest and introduce them from an early age to the amazing world of books.

- Art supplies: Special paper and lots of different coloring items, like crayons, markers, stickers, glue, colored pencils, sparkling pens, water paints, or sidewalk chalk, can keep children busy for hours and yourself happy to see their faces glowing from joy. Experts believe that an art supply gift not only encourages the youngsters imagination, but also enhances your quality time together as it transforms you to the child you keep inside.

- Movie nights: Buy some of the best classic child movies of all times and initiate that one evening every fifteen days or every month, they can invite friends over and watch their favorite DVDs while chewing pop-corn.

- Fun kits: Boys and girls that are old enough to follow simple directions can receive a fun kit that can assist their efforts of becoming a successful crafter. This fun kit can be a tool kit or the art supplies box mentioned above, which will actually assist your kids in learning another skill or discovering a hidden inclination. For boys, a tool kit can include some of the items dad usually has in his garage and girls will be thrilled to receive beads kits in a variety of colors and shapes in order to create their own jewelry and surprise their friends. For the natural lovers, a gardening kit with a couple of small pots filled with potting soil, some seeds, and a plastic watering can give countless hours of fun and give you the opportunity to enjoy watching your child learning how to water and take care of your yard's plants.

- Fun box: Small, inexpensive stuff, like a bag of balloons, a deck of cards, face paint, or plastic small toys and hair accessories can transform a simple box or basket to a small treasure. Add sugar-free caramels and lots of other birthday candy treats and your kid will love his or her birthday fun box. Buying some more of the small things you will put inside the container can save you later from cries and yelling when other kids wished this was their present instead of your son's or daughter's.

- Disposable camera: Giving your kid a disposable camera for the birthday party pictures, can initiate a hobby that has not yet crossed its mind. In addition, you can later help your child create its own scrapbook and transform an ordinary picture album into a piece of original art.

Finally, remember that the best present is you! Children crave attention from important people in their lives, like mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, and older siblings. Spending a day with your kid, from breakfast till the afternoon shopping or movie, can be the best gift they have ever received.

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