Gift Ideas For Baby Shower When Twins Are Expected

By: Nikki Fiorelli

Deciding on what to bring to a baby shower that is being given for twins does not have to be stressful, it just requires some careful forethought.

Your first step is to discuss with the hostess of the baby shower what the needs and wishes of the expectant mother are in this regard.

The following are some gift sugggestions that have invariably been proven to be good ones:

Cloth Diapers/Diaper Service

Over a two-year period, the twins will go through at least twelve thousand diapers, so if the mother-to-be has decided to use cloth diapers, here is where you can really help out.

These pre-folds can be bought in sets, in varying amounts (usually sets of dozens). They are inexpensive, - and not only are they reusable, but with every laundering the diaper becomes softer and gentler to the baby's skin.

Depending upon your budget, you might prefer to sign them up for a diaper service, for which you can pay for either the first six months, year, or until the twins are toilet-trained. The cost of a diaper service for one baby's needs come to just under twenty dollars per week, but this does not necessarily mean that you must plan to pay double for twins. Many diaper services offer a discount for twins.

Twins' Bassinet/Playards Combo

These combos keep the twins together, safe in one place, and as they start being able to move around, they will be secure in the playpen part of this duo. Look for safety and security, and in this case, a trustworthy brand.


Baby Bouncers are inexpensive to begin with, but even if you can only afford one, they are a boon to a busy mother trying to divide her attention equally between twin infants. They free up her hands when she needs to focus her attention on one of the twins. They are light to carry around, and very helpful. Find a model that includes music or a toy, - some of the nicest models also feature a gentle rocking motion.

Infant Clothes

As quickly as babies grow, they obviously outgrow their clothes with the same speed. If this is the gift you would like to give, though, you do need to find out the following information:

1. If the twins are identical, is it the intention of the parents to dress them alike?
2. Are the twins identical, or fraternal? Identical means they will both be the same gender, whereas fraternal twins are not.

If the parents have no objection to their twins wearing matching outfits, you do not have to worry about offending them if you splurge on some of the adorable outfits for twins that are on the market.

If the twins are fraternal, you can still buy outfits that match in color and style, but obviously, you will have to exercise more care in your choice, particularly with regard to the color(s) of the outfits.

If the parents do not choose to dress their twins alike, as is happening more and more often these days, why not consider giving a gift certificate for use at either a baby's clothes specialty shop or the baby clothes department of a store.

These certificates start at amounts that are quite low, which means that there is one to fit any budget, - and they are always gratefully received.

Changing Table With Compartment Closures

A changing table is a real necessity for twins, because they require so much more in terms of clothes, diapers, and even facecloths and wrapping blankets for the first month of their lives. The changing tables with closures are the best choice here, because they ensure that the clothes, but especially those items like diapers, shirts, and bands that come into direct contact with the baby's skin, will be free of any dust or other possible irritant to the babies.

They are also less worrisome to the mother in terms of how neat they look. With twins, she certainly has her hands full enough without having to constantly check that everything looks just perfect for company that might drop in to visit and greet the newborns.

While there are combos of changing tables with infant tubs, I do not recommend them, especially for the weary mother of newborn twins. As light as a newborn is, at the end of the day, after lifting her twins many, many times, the mother can be physically tired, and while the tubs are not heavy themselves, their weight increases when filled with water, which has to be emptied once used, of course.

Infant Tub

Choose one that has been ergonomically designed and that fits into both single and double sinks. This will put less strain on the mother's back, and many of these infant tubs are also made to fit safely into the bathtub once the babies are old enough and weight enough to warrant this.

The better ones have mildew-resistant pads that not only guarantee a cleaner bath, but they include a special drain plug that changes color to let the mother know the temperature of the water.

Double Stroller

A double, or tandem, stroller can make a fantastic gift item for parents who are expecting twins. Search for one that is solidly-built to insure the safety and security of the babies, but that is likewise trouble free enough for the parent to push, as well as fold down to fit into the trunk of their car.

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