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By: Robert Thomson

If you have gone to the trouble of organising a journey, packing your bags, getting to the airport and going through all of the trials and tribulations of short or long distance travel a major thing you also want to do is ensuring you only pay what you have to while getting the best value for money.

Choosing a set of luggage scales might seem a rather minor task compared with all the other factors involved in a journey but given the high cost of excess baggage the airlines charge purchasing the best set of luggage scales for your use is certainly a must.

There are lots of places you can buy a set of luggage scales these include your local store and online purchase. Buying them at the airport or borrowing a friend's, or you could even just stand on the scales holding a suitcase.

Obtaining the best luggage scales your purpose is worth while, spending a little time looking at the various options available and choosing a set of scales that meet your exact requirements.

These might include weight of the scales. If you are intending to take the scales with you you want to make sure that they are light and easily packed.

You want to make sure that the build quality of the scales is of a sufficient good quality to ensure you can pick up a heavily loaded suitcase without the scales getting damaged.

Reading the weight the scales are indicating, is very important. To ensure the scales can be used by one person, the most easiest format is for the digital read out to be on the top of the scale while you lift the scale and suitcase while looking down at the digital read out.

The handgrips on the luggage scale need to be comfortable and large enough to accommodate your hands, if you cannot hold the scale you will not effectively be able to use them, or they may misread the weight of your suitcase.

Price is probably one of the deciding factors during the initial search for a set of luggage scales, it is however often a false economy to purchase the cheapest set of scales available as these may well be inferior in quality given the job they have to do.

One of the best places to purchase luggage scales is probably online and Amazon have an excellent range of scales available.

There are many suppliers of luggage scales, both small and large, make sure when you purchase your set of scales you do so with sufficient time for delivery to take place with a margin to ensure you don't place your order and then have to make the trip before the scales arrive.

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