Getting sponsors for an event or a magazine is a big headache

By: timcheri

Getting sponsors for an event or a magazine is a big headache, and most of all for the first timers. It’s because of two things, first they do not have single piece of idea about what they are doing? Secondly they are unprofessional and confused that adds more burden to the job.
But it’s just the starting, with time they get more experience and are then turned to professional marketing agents.
I researched on a few of the websites and jot down some details regarding ‘starting a career as a marketing agent’ and I think will be of importance to all beginners.
1. Research appropriate companies:
You cannot just go and ask companies, ‘will you give us an ad?’ No, that’s not the way nor can you go to any company for sponsorship. First you have to decide which company is most appropriate to your field of magazine. Then make a list of all those companies, short them up by their worth. For example if you are adding, Pepsi, johns the baker and Nokia. Then forgo johns the baker, because he is not worth it. Though you can keep him on waiting, because no one knows whether you will get the sponsorship from Pepsi or not.
2. Preparation:
Okay, so I suppose you have researched and prepared the list of potential customers. Now, it’s time you start the proposal. Proposal is a short brief of your project, what is it? What is the target audience? If it’s a magazine, is it the first one? What are the incentives for sponsors? How will you publicize them? Remember the proposal letter for sponsors is based on AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). This is a formal method used all over the world in marketing. If you still do not get it, search a little bit on it on Google and you will get the idea.
3. Contact & Follow Up:
Its time you start making some calls, usually its considered better to talk to the HR or the marketing department of a company on phone and then send them your proposal. Or you can send the proposal first and then talk to them later, though it’s considered a little rude and many clients monitor this movement.
After sending them the proposal or talking to them, they will not reply, because most sponsors don’t. It’s your responsibility to follow them up, by a phone call after three days so to make them remember that you still are interested and I think that will get the job done. But still fingers crossed….

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Writer is also a new marketing agent and is researching on how to get sponsors for his company magazine. He is currently working for Logo Online Pros which makes logo design online by sports logo maker and stationery designs.

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