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Trust forever the fact that when it comes to building a business; nothing works like trust. Trust is the foundation of a great business. It is just what drives your business, no matter how much you may have invested into it and no matter how organised and smart you are. Why should an ecommerce business earn it, and how does it earn it?
The importance of trust
No celebrity can drive a brand as effectively as a satisfied customer. This is the ultimate testimonial for a product, and is what may be considered the gospel truth about it. It is this word-of-mouth that is the ultimate seller of the product. No tool is as effective as a good referral. There are obvious reasons for which we would want to buy a user-recommended product rather than one endorsed artificially by a celebrity who is doing it for no reason other than for being paid to do so. The referral from an actual user is like the wisdom that flows from the horse’s mouth. It is something like: “Hey, I have been there and tried it and know it works. Why don’t you try too?”
Special for ecommerce!
While a good word of mouth recommendation is a great thing for any business; it is the final stamp of the quality of your business, when you can earn it doing an ecommerce business. If a customer who does not see you and has not interacted with you can recommend you, it means you know your onions! If you have already earned the rare honour of being recommended by your online visitors, keep up the work. If you have not and want to, remember that there is only one mantra: Quality!
All about quality service
Ecommerce is all about service. Service is more important than the product you sell on your site, no matter how good the products you sell are. It is only this quality that endears you to your faceless customer. Offer them the best you have, and in every sense, and there is no reason for them not to recommend you to their acquaintances.
Give them the opportunity to rate you
This is an important element of your ecommerce website. It should have a section on which you can let them air their views. And this should be a genuine one, upon which you should have no influence. This sounds risky for those who are not confident about their business; but not for those who are. By giving your customers the opportunity to tell what they feel about your product or service and depriving yourself the option of editing or excising it; you are showing that you have the ability to dare! And nothing drives your ecommerce business better than this.

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