Getting a More Advanced Driving Education

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Driving is a skill pretty much everyone has nowadays it's not difficult to learn, and practicing is as easy as the amount of time you can put into it. And while regular driving skills are enough for the majority of people's needs, sometimes you would want to have a bit more of an edge on the road. For example, if you're applying for a job as a bodyguard for someone, and that job involves driving a car, they will likely want to know that you can handle yourself on the road better than the average driver.

This takes a lot more than you're probably capable of, skills that you can't really pick up driving to work every day. There's a reason why this is offered as an advanced driving course, and it's a course that not everyone can even pass. "Defensive driving," as the technique is broadly called, involves a range of evasive maneuvers that can be used to outsmart an opponent that's giving you pursuit, or simply to take your passenger to their destination as quickly as possible while avoiding any danger.

There are many things that you'll have to learn if you want to drive a car like that and do it properly and safely. Obviously, you can't just get in your car and start practicing, as that will most likely end with a trip to the hospital or worse. Defensive driving is taught in special, controlled environments, usually using cars that have been specially modified to handle the extra stress they're being subjected to. Additionally, it's important to practice on a safely designed track that can handle this sort of extra pressure, as a small crack in the road can have devastating effects when you're blazing down at a hundred miles per hour.

Be prepared for difficulties though. This isn't a walk in the park like your regular driving course, and it's very likely that you'll fail your test miserably if you don't focus during your training and you don't follow the instructor closely enough. Additionally, there's a lot of theory to be picked up before you can even get behind the wheel much like with a regular driving course. This kind of theory is much more complex though, and you will likely have a few sleepless nights trying to take in all that information before your test.

Last but not least, you should refresh your skills every few years after you've managed to get your defensive driving license. It's not very likely that you'll get to practice those skills on a daily basis while you're on the job, so you'll want to be sure that you still remember all you've learned and aren't getting rusty on your skills. Your employer will likely want to know that too, so it's often actually required that you regularly pass additional tests to refresh your memory and coordination. Don't be afraid to admit that you need a little brushing up on your skills either that's what the instructors are there for, and they understand how the system works better than you.

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