Getting The Rest You Need: Memory Foam Mattresses

By: Michael Russell

Everybody wants to have a good night's rest, right? It's not a very difficult concept to grasp, and one that everyone is constantly searching for. A better night of sleep makes everything seem better and makes the day easier to get through. That leaves you with the question of how to find the best mattress to sleep on.

There are a lot of mattresses out there--spring mattresses, air mattresses, water beds, memory foam mattresses. So how do you choose?

Spring mattresses have long been the mainstay of bedding, but for many people they just don't do the job. Springs can bend over time and lose their shape, and body contouring simply does not happen with them to the degree that it can with memory foam mattresses. They're great if you need a place to sit or lay down on for a little while, but long-term sleep comfort is not their specialty. They're definitely more economic than other mattress options out there, though, which can really make or break it for you and your budget.

Air mattresses claim to offer greater back support, but in reality the air is shoved to the sides and doesn't provide any additional support. Compare this to memory foam mattresses that conform directly to your body without the loss of support. If anything, it's more like sleeping in a hammock: nice to have it on hand when you need it, but hardly good for the long run. They just don't cut it if you're looking for a good, quality mattress that you want to lay down on to get the rest that you need. 

Water beds have increased by leaps and bounds since the modern version was designed in the late 1960s. The water allows muscles to relax a great deal more than traditional spring mattresses allow for, which in turns gives your body the chance at a better night's sleep. However, most water beds these days are heated. Heating requires electricity, oftentimes comparable to the amount that a refrigerator uses, which means that you have to factor in additional costs for powering the water bed to maintain the proper temperature. Your cost of living just went up. And that's not even getting into what can happen if the bed springs a leak.

So what's your best bet? Memory foam mattresses. Originally developed by NASA back in the 1970s to ease the strain of leaving of the atmosphere, this technology was adapted for commercial and introduced to the public at large in the early '90s. It's proven to be much more effective at providing sleeping comfort than any other type of mattress on the market as its foam technology adapts to your body's specific shape and size. Memory foam mattresses have been shown to reduce stress and pressure on muscles and joints, which allows your body to truly rest at night. This provides the crucial recovering time that your body needs to take care of itself. Support is evenly distributed and won't change based on where you lie like on other mattresses.

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