Getting Fit in Your PJ’s with Toning Shoes

By: Sarah Carlye

As fitness shoes become more popular, more people recognize them on the feet of people walking in the mall, walking down the street, and walking in the grocery store. Before the end of the year is over, it is expected that FitFlop will be ready to deliver their new line of shoes that include flip flops, soft boots, and slippers. That’s right... SLIPPERS!

The new line will certainly attract a new group of potential customers, but how successful can the new FlipFlop line be? Even if you are the type who wants to walk around the house in your slippers and PJ’s and feel like you are working out and toning your body, there are some things to consider before purchasing fitness footwear other than fitness gym shoes.

How often will you wear the fitness footwear?

• Paying $80 or more for a fitness slipper to wear around the house in the mornings might not be money well spent.
• Living in a climate that is mostly cold will not give much opportunity to wear fitness flip-flops and sandals that can run $50 or more.
• When living in the southwest, soft fitness boots that range from $125 to $200 won’t get much use.

How much support do you need while walking?

• You will need a supportive fitness gym shoe if you are overweight and walking to reduce the risk of injury.
• Terrain that varies can be good for fitness, but walking in flip-flops can increase the risk of injury when walking on uneven surfaces.
• Arch support is more affective when the shoe is held snuggly against the foot, like it is when wearing fitness gym shoes.

What are the characteristics of the environment where you will walk?

• Fitness gym shoes provide more protection from rocks, sticks, dirt, insects, and reptiles when walking on dirt roads, in the forest, and through the desert.
• In wet environments and when it is raining, a fitness flip flop will not keep feet dry.
• Soft fitness boots will contribute to sweating in environments that have moderate to warm temperatures.

A fitness gym shoe is the right shoe for almost every environment and can be worn year round. Before purchasing a novelty fitness shoe like a fitness flip-flop, purchase a durable, high quality fitness shoe that will provide support when walking anywhere.

Stepgym shoes will stimulate your muscles to work harder while providing support and can be worn almost everywhere. You can go to to order your fitness gym shoe today.

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