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Rapidly Changing Dental Scenario
Dental treatments are evolving fast with novel restorative treatments and availability of new materials at affordable prices. Also, reasons for going to a dentist are changing from merely disease-treatment to improvement in oral features and looks. A dentist is no longer seen as someone who removes your wisdom tooth or relieves your tooth ache but the one who makes your teeth straight and whiter. This leads to an increased demand for cosmetic dentistry which includes procedures resulting in more youthful and charming face and smile. Of course, whiter, brighter and lovely smile is an important part of your personality.

Dental Treatment
The dental treatment package covers scaling, surgery, arranging, shaping, germ cleaning, capping, filling and applying dental implants. There are many places where affordable dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry treatments are easily available. We shall see the types of dentistry available these days at various dentists as well as implant and laser centers. However, it will be strongly recommended to by the authorized dentist’s advice.

Types of Dental Treatments
• Endodontic – Related to roots of the teeth and their joints
• Prosthodontics – Preparing and applying dental prosthetics
• Periodontics – Related to gums and bones surrounding the tooth
• Orthodontics– Cosmetic Dentistry
• Pediatric Dentistry – Dentistry related to children
• Laser dentistry – Involves advanced treatments for dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
It is possible that your oddly placed tooth may not be hurting you. However, there still lays a need to visit your dentist because your oddly placed tooth is changing your entire facial structure and thus the personality. Commonly known as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics is the type of treatment which can enlighten your face by bringing a lovely smile with perfectly shaped teeth.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry
There are many possible ways through which cosmetic dentists improve the dental look-out of a person.
• Whitening the teeth using bleach
• Filling the rough spots and cavities
• Straightening the uneven teeth orientation
• Addition of dental material or gums
• Reshaping teeth for better matching
• Capping broken teeth with porcelain crowns
• Tooth reshaping and bonding

Material used for Cosmetic Dentistry
In the early days of cosmetic dentistry, materials like gold, amalgam and some of them veneered with porcelain. However, those materials were making the dental treatment costlier and not affordable for ordinary people. A better and affordable set of materials like pure porcelain and other composites are available that make dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry procedure easier. The materials used these days closely mimic the appearance of natural tooth structure. The properties of these materials combine easily with bone joints and make dental treatment easier.

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