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By: George Velvet

Getting a new motorcycle is a very exhilarating endeavor, regardless of what your circumstances are. Whether it’s your first motorcycle, and you’re a beginner, or whether you’re a seasoned rider adding another bike to your collection, whether you’re getting a vintage model, or a brand new, modern bike, getting home with your new road warrior is just the beginning of your biking adventures. But, once you’ve got a bike, you’re surely thinking about mx graphics—whether you’re thinking about getting an mx graphics kit and applying it yourself, or you’re thinking about talking to a professional about getting a custom mx graphics job. This article will explore both options, to help you figure out what your best choice is.

When you have your first motorbike, and are looking to get it looking fabulously, it can be very tempting to go for an at-home mx graphics application. Doing your decal application at home needn’t be unnecessarily complicated, as the process is pretty self-explanatory, but as always, the details make the difference. If you’re considering a home application, you have three options from the get-go. First, you could purchase your mx graphics from a pro shop. Second, you can find the design you want, and have it printed at a copy shop. Third, you can even use a home printer to print out your mx graphics decals, using special paper needed to print stickers.

Once you have your decals, it’s time to think about application. Here, you can also go the DYI route, or choose to visit a professional shop. If you’re working with small decals, which aren’t all that complicated to apply, you can do the application at home. You’ll need to be very careful not to leave any air bubbles under the sticker during the application process—aside from being unappealing, air bubbles also make your custom mx graphics deteriorate faster, and, of course, there’s always the risk of peeling. You should prepare the bike carefully for decal application. Remove all existing stickers, and make sure to remove any rust you might find, to give your custom mx graphics stickers a longer life.

If you’re interested in getting large, custom mx graphics designs for your new bike, you’re better off committing yourself to the capable hands of a professional. While doing the job yourself might give you a sense of satisfaction upon completion—if you’ve done well—allowing a professional to take charge will give you options you might never have working alone. A professional can also, upon talking to you, hand-paint some areas of the bike, to make them blend in with the decals better. Professionals will always guarantee their work, and they will most often offer warranties for all work done, so that if something goes wrong, you can have it fixed right away, without any hassle.

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