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By: Patric Hopes

Thomas had a happy family consisting of his parents and grandparents and an elder sister. After his birth he has always been taken care of by his grandparents and he has always been cordial with his elder sister of five years. Now Thomas is six year old and goes to a good school in the locality. He wears expensive shirts and trousers, has good food to eat and plays with the expensive and latest toys. Same is the case for his sister as well. However, there is only one thing that he misses al throughout and that is to spend time with his parents. This time he has thought that he will make this wish to the Santa Clause; that he wants to spend more and more time with his parents. He only gets to meet them at the breakfast table and after that they both set out for their offices and get back home when he is fast asleep.

In between they call once everyday right after the lunch, to enquire whether they had lunch and are doing fine. But his elder sister says that it was not always like this. When she was younger, their mother used to stay back at home most of the time taking good care of her; feeding her, telling her fairy stories and playing with her. Father used to come back early and spend tim with them. at times they would go out in the evenings and have a good time in some relative’s place. But all these changed after they shifted to the bigger house. Their mother who is a qualified lady joined a job and father had to work for long hours too.

Slowly they drifted away from the lives of the children and could not devote any time to the children or at home. Their grandparents did their best to ensure that the two of them have their food on time, go to the school and the music classes in time. They help them in completing their homework and stay ahead in the class. The two little kids have understood that there is high competition out there and they have to prepare themselves thoroughly for the competitive world.

However, at times the two kids feel that they do not need the luxuries; the expensive school bag or radio controlled cars or the dolls and their accessories, they simply want their parents to be with them.

The parents too want to be with the kids. But there is nothing they can do about it. They have taken loans for the house and now have to repay those. The interest rates are not very low either.

Now are they alone who are facing such situation. Most people all throughout the world are resorting to loans and mortgage to buy houses. Then they have to work extremely hard to repay those back.

In many countries the commercial banks are giving out loans. There these banks can simply create money out on nothing. They have to keep a reserve and then they can loan out any amount from the 10 to 1000 times the amount. This money they are creating from nowhere. But the real people with real families and real dreams have to work to repay these in real money.

There are sites which act as the illuminati. The illuminati and the masons who create the freemasons fraternity, strives to enhance money market reforms and lessen the financial challenges of many and create a more equalized society.

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Money explained is a portal which addresses the issues regarding the economic challenges all over the world. The illuminati concentrate on the money supply and its source in the economy. The masons and the freemasons work towards creating awareness regarding the flaws in the money supply system and how to overcome that jesus Christ.

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