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By: James L Williams

Dental procedures are nightmares for many, there are many who have odontophobia (Dental Phobia) and are scared of dentistry. Teeth are important when it comes to one’s appearance and health with the potential to make or break one’s self esteem and confidence. This is the reason, why people end up investing hefty amount of money on various types of dental procedures for the sake of ‘fitting in’ and looking good. After all, everybody wants to flash a smile that will make heads turn, and there are others who want to smile, feeling happy that they got their troublesome tooth/teeth fixed. It is always a good thing to throw away that phobia and go for a dental procedure rather than to sit back with a distressing set of teeth. Here we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions asked before getting dental implants by patients in Melbourne.

Q 1. Am I fit for the Dental implant?

Ans. Anybody who is eligible for other dental procedures like extraction are good candidates for a dental implant; however, you will have to visit to your dentist to know if you are suitable for an implant or what is the type of implant you should go for. The dentist will examine your teeth thoroughly and let you know how to go about it.

Q 2. What exactly is an implant?

Ans. It is a surgical fixture made using titanium, which is implanted in the jawbone in place of the root of the original tooth to provide support for the dental prosthesis. This is the closest way to replace teeth that imitates the natural tooth. Gradually the implant fuses with the bone, making it a part of the body.

Q 3. When do I need an implant?

Ans. If you have a tooth missing due to accidents, partially broken or teeth that had been extracted due to certain medical conditions then you need a dental implant. Without the implants the jaw bone will shrink over time leading to a not so pleasant smile and changed the shape of your face.

Q 4. Is the procedure painful?

Ans. Your dentist will make the procedure painless using local anaesthesia during the surgery and post operation the patients are advised to take medications that will help reduce the pain. The pain is similar to the pain when a tooth is extracted, i.e. bearable.

Q 5. How long will my implants last?

Ans. Begin to consider that your implants are your natural set of teeth and treat them in the same manner, brush and floss properly and visit the dentist every once in a while, and your dental implants will last all your life.

These are some of the questions that are asked by our patients often. A dental implant is yet another revolutionary invention in the area of cosmetic dentistry that helps people get their esteem and confidence back. This is a procedure that is helping millions get back their infectious smile and live a healthy lifestyle. So, don’t fret anymore and go for your dental implants, choose the best dentist you can and fix an appointment now. V Care Dental Clinic in Melbourne has dentists who specialise in dental implants.

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James Williams writes about health and lifestyle. He talks about the best dental clinic in Melbourne that deals with the replacement of teeth and dental implants.

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