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The main product of wood flooring is timber, either structural or aesthetic. The main advantages of wood flooring are durability, restorability, and the environmental profile of wood. There are basically two types of wood flooring: hardwood flooring and solid wood flooring. Other wood flooring styles are rotary peel, sliced peel, dry solid sawn, engineered. All types of wood flooring requires a finish, thus a protective coat to seal the floor is needed, either unfinished wood flooring can be bought, here the installer will sand and apply the protective coat. Factory finished wood flooring is also available, here the manufacturer, hardwood floor installers in Illinois applies the finish. This type of flooring takes minimum time.
At hardwood installation Illinois, planks are milled from one piece of timber. The original use of solid hardwood floors was for structural purpose like joists or bearers etc which were being installed perpendicular to wooden support beams of a building. With the use of concrete as sub floors along with wood made engineered wood flooring extremely popular. The surface is thicker in solid wood flooring and it can be sanded and finished. In countries like New England, eastern Canada, Europe solid wood flooring is very popular.
At Illinois wood floor installation service timber can be cut in three different ways depending upon desired look of the floor. The three different ways are flat-sawn, quarter-sawn and rift-sawn. After the timber is cut in the desired way it is either sent to unfinished for a site finish installation or it is sent to the factory to finish.
The moisture content should be carefully noted else the product will get warp/ swollen during transportation, storage etc. There is a wide range of wood floors available with a no. Of features like grooves cut into the back of the wood, this grooves also known as absorption strips reduce cupping. The general dimension of wood is 19mm thick along with tongue and groove.
There are various manufacturing styles at hardwood flooring installations Illinois like rotary peel etc. In rotary peel the wood is treated by boiling the log in water at a certain temperature for certain amount of time. Then a blade is used to peel the wood from outwards towards the center thus making wood veneer which is then pressed with high pressure. It poses problems in wood cupping or curling back to previous shape.
Methods like sliced peel and dry solid sawn are also adopted at wood flooring installation service Illinois. In sliced peel, the slicing is done from the end of the log thereby producing disc shaped veneers. Though the wood tends to edge splintering and cracking as wood was earlier submerged in water. In dry solid-sawn wood is kept at low humidity level and the moisture inside the wood is dried properly, though this type of wood poses no problem of splintering cupping or cracking. In engineered wood flooring a plank is made up of two or more layers of wood.

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