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Winter Back Pain Problem
In winter, spinal arthritis , back pain and numbness in the body increases the problem of hydro . The disease in medical language ” Cold allodynia says.Rheumatoid arthritis , Facet arthritis and hip pain and stiffness in patients with Anky losing. Anky losing problem is greater than the general population . ‘ Canal stenosis ‘ obese patients (of which there is pressure on the spinal nerve ) pain in the winter season than normal increases .

Reason :
In the winter due to shrinking body muscle strain is generated in the veins . This is a feeling of extreme pain .

Rescue tips
- Always keep warm in the winter is essential to the body . The woolen cloth and ‘body warmer‘ use .
- Exercise regularly Stretching morning and evening yoga exercise called Surya Namaskar you can safe from Cold Allodynia .
- This season the indoor exercise regularly . Swimming and bathing in warm water is highly beneficial in spinal arthritis .
- Having extreme pain consult a physiotherapist .

Check :
Disc bone scanning ( to learn the strength of the bone ) , nuclear bone scan (inflammation of the examination of nodes) , MRI ( spine) and blood profile test arthritis . The current weather -related trouble on the bones and joints experienced ortho – Expert Consult spine.

5 Ways to Cure Your Back Pain
1. You chained to your desk
Did you know that sitting puts 40 percent more pressure on your back by then?
Let’s face it : Maintaining good posture is probably the last thing you think of when under a great job deadline . And packed a day that regular stretching breaks may not seem like a wise way to spend your time to shine through . But skipping these habits you may suffer your back. This is because the back muscles weaken , if you do not use ; inactive joints lose lubrication and age faster.
Painkillers nature : Forgot anti – inflammatory drugs or paracetamol – these natural herbs and techniques to combat inflammation and pain curb.
Fix It : Sitting on an angle of 135 degrees can reduce the compression of the discs in the spine, so easily sit back and then back again. Do it when you stop to take a phone call or a colleague by chatting , advises SINETT . Make sure your chair supports the curvature of the spine, he says : Your lower back should be supported , and the head should be straight – no lurching ahead – when you look at your computer screen. Stand up and walk around for a few minutes every half hour – make trips to get to the bathroom or grab paper from water.

2. You have come a long way
Just like at your desk, hunched over a steering wheel can chest muscles set and lead your shoulders round.
Stability posture can zap energy and make you look heavier, not to mention . Cause back and neck problems Back pain is the most common complaint of patients Darran W. Marlow , DC , Director of Chiropractic at the Texas Back Institute , and he advises them to think about their first driving position.
Fix it : “Make sure that you are at a 90 – degree angle to sit close to the wheel so you do not need to stretch ,” he says. ” Extend your leg sets back in a weakened position , but many people do not even know that they do.”

3. You have the Gym ditching
Get used in motion to relieve pain and resolve pain quickly .
New research shows that 40 percent of people for back pain strikes less active – a strategy that their condition is worse likely to slow down or even cure .
Fix it : In fact, most patients would benefit from more exercise – particularly frequent walks , the lightness , stiffness, says spine surgeon Raj Rao , MD. For relief, he recommends stretching your hamstrings and hips. Moves like these will only relieve your back.

4. You do not have to do yoga
By improving blood circulation and reducing stress, almost any form of exercise promotes healing back pain. But yoga is the best.

University of Washington researchers say that yoga relieves back pain faster than conventional exercises. In another study, 101 patients were randomly assigned to one of three groups . The first group took weekly yoga classes and practiced at home , took the second group in the weekly training developed by a physical therapist , and practiced at home , and the third group received a self-help book back care book. After 3 months, the yoga group had better back – related operation , compared with the other two groups. Reported after 6 months , patients who withdrew yoga lower pain and improved backup – related function . Because it promotes deep breathing and relaxation , as well as stretching and strength training , yoga can help with both emotional and structural triggers of back pain.
Fix it : You can yoga classes everywhere – in gyms, YMCA and local studios. Be sure to tell , so that they can help to change some steps for you. Instructor about your pain may or check out our videos on yoga to mix and match your own soothing workout.

5. They become addicted to Crunches
Sit- ups and crunches can actually cause more pain than after SINETT to prevent them.
We hear all the time like a strong core protects the back , that’s true . But crunches are not the abs you back stabilization work. In fact, they can cause pain , which contribute by SINETT called core imbalance , ” a state of strong compression , causing the spine to bend forward in a C – . Shape”
Fix it : You do not need to crack is fully closed, but you must do it slowly and the correct form . Use them . , As part of a broader core workout that strengthens your transverse abdominus This muscle is particularly important for a strong, stable core, which supports the back , and the best way to strengthen it is ( noncrunch! ) exercises like this . Extra bonus : you carve your middle and hard to beat – torch belly fat and improve posture and relieve back pain.

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