Get an attractive body with these attractive exercises

By: Tavala Jain

Want some workouts to shape your abs? Here we give you some workouts that are suggested by some leading physical training experts which gives wonderful results. If you follow this on a regular basis then you will get awesome results.

Many peoples are really more worried about their pot belly and try a lot to reduce it. So following this on regular basis yields astounding results.

For the first exercise, you need to lie down with your back on the floor, stretching your legs, and the hands placed on the sides. Remaining in this position, lift your legs to an angle of about 45 degrees from the ground before bringing both legs down again. You could only rest the legs after repeating the movement for about 10 to 15 times. Then go for the next exercise or you can go for the same for another set.

By resting on the ground keep the hands at the back of your head. With support from your hands, slightly raise your head. In the same posture, bend your knees, bringing the legs close towards the stomach before stretching the legs out again. Don't let your legs touch the ground. Repeat this for atleast 10 times. After finishing this, try out for other exercises.

The third and the last one begins with you still lying down with your head in the same position when you did the previous exercise - it being raised from the ground just a little bit with the support from the hands behind the head. Then, bend your knees, allowing both your big toes to touch, making the knees outward in position. With this position, sway your legs with your buttocks serving as the pivot point. Feel the compression right down in the lower abs. This is a indication that the exercise is being done in a perfect manner.

Don't overdo the exercise as it may injure the muscle strands. Changes will not come overnight and you have to accept this early on. Don't go for higher counts at the beginning itself start with less numbers and then increase it gradually.Don't exercise when you feel pain as it is a indication that your muscles are over stretched. Breathing is important while doing the exercises.

Love your workouts. To make it more pleasant, play some nice music or switch on the television and watch an interesting show while exercising. At the same time concentrate on the ways of exercising also.

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