Get Your Stock Portfolio in Shape by Considering an Investment in Stemulite Fitness Supplement

By: Chris Robertson

When considering a stock investment, you'll want to put your hard earned money into stocks that have a promising future. And though no one can guarantee whether or not a stock will go up or down, some companies seem to be more promising than others. One such company to closely examine for a possible investment is Metabolic Research, Inc., manufacturer of the amazing fitness supplement called Stemulite. The company is a publicly traded stock, with the symbol MTBR.

The "Fitness Formulas" of Stemulite were conceived by Dr. Robert Shorr, Ph.D.. Stemulite was listed in the top twenty products on the shelves of General Nutrition Center (GNC) in 2009. Stemulite's men and women formulas have been sold in GNC stores across the U.S. since February 2009. Stemulite is also available through many online retail outlets.

As of March 2010, the stock of Metabolic Research, Inc. is extremely undervalued, garnering a market capitalization of less than half the company's revenue for fiscal 2009. What this means for you as an investor is the company may very well be a diamond in the rough, and now may be the time to invest. Undervalued stock "gems" are hard to find, but when you do find them these can be extremely lucrative in the future. In other words, now's the time to buy Metabolic Research (MTBR) stocks. As spring and summer draw near, people will become more active and start working on their physique so they can look great in their swimsuits! This means more people will shop for fitness supplements, including Stemulite.

Consider the Quality of the Product

Before investing in any company, you should consider the quality of its product and potential for future stock price hikes. You might ask, "Well, what is Stemulite and how does it work?" or "Is Stemulite a typical fad supplement?" Do your research. You'll find that Stemulite is a fitness supplement that differs from others in many ways. It has all natural ingredients and acts as a stem cell recruiter of adult stem cells in the body. These adult stem cells help the body heal itself of micro-tears in muscles after strenuous workouts (which cause soreness) and provide numerous other benefits such as better brain function, improved immune health, increased energy and strength, weight management, and better sleep.

Stemulite differs from other sports supplements in that it offers 24-hour fitness, with formulas for day and night. The nighttime formula contains melatonin, which enhances sleep and helps the user to achieve deep REM sleep (necessary for good overall health). Those who work out at the gym, play in sports, jog, bike, hike, etc. will not only experience more energy during their activities, but will also notice improvement throughout the day and evening hours. Stemulite offers 24-hour fitness to keep the body functioning at its best whether engaged in physical activity or resting on the couch! No more "up times" and "down times!"

Stemulite comes in a men's formula and women's formula, catering to the special physical needs of both genders. Stemulite also wins in comparison to other fitness supplements due to its long-term benefits. While many supplements offer only short-term muscle building benefits and can be harmful if taken for prolonged periods of time, Stemulite actually works better when taken for the long term.

Who Uses Stemulite?

Another factor to consider before investing is who endorses the product and how will their endorsements affect future sales? Well, Stemulite is endorsed by those who need it athletes, bodybuilders, fitness trainers, etc. You can easily look up Stemulite testimonials online to find a number of well-known athletes who have already experienced the long-term benefits of Stemulite. Let's see what a few of these have to say...

Gary Brackett, pro football player for the Indianapolis Colts (Super Bowl 2010), says Stemulite improved his workouts tremendously. He states, "I'm actually getting stronger throughout my workout. Last year I could lift 315 pounds only 3 or 4 times. This year I can easily lift 315 in sets of 8. I'm not paid to endorse Stemulite. I put my name behind it because it really works. I recommend it to my team mates and other players."

Roger Craig is a three time Super Bowl champion winner, and he also trained Jerry Rice. Here's what he says about Stemulite, "Stemulite has definitely helped me boost my work outs. I run 40 miles a week and I can now breathe easier. It has been a great product for me, it is bringing me to the next level. My sleeping pattern is much better now, I feel more alert when I wake up."

Pro baseball player Adam Fox (Washington Nationals) also endorses Stemulite. Adam states, "I decided to try the Stemulite Fitness Formula and was very satisfied with the results I got. Increased energy and focus were the two most desired elements I wanted, and Stemulite delivered."

Other athletes that have found Stemulite to be beneficial include Ellis Wyms (Super Bowl Champ; Tampa, MN), Corey Maggette (pro basketball player; Golden State), Terry Boss (pro soccer player; Seattle), and Robert Penino (tri athlete).

As you seek companies for your next stock investment, consider all the facts about Stemulite and its potential long-term benefits for those who try the product. It's not a fly-by-night fad sports supplement so Stemulite is less likely to be tossed aside by those who are serious about staying fit and healthy. Look for stock symbol MTBR - Metabolic Research, Inc. - to learn more about this undervalued, but very promising stock!

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