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By: Jose K. Tullis

The most important thing for which every girl concerns about is her beauty and her looks. Nothing sounds more impressive than the compliments which she receives for her beauty and especially if the compliments are for her eyes. But what happens, if the dark spots on your beauty pop up? Obviously you will hate it like hell. The most common spot on beauty are dark blemishes under the eyes. Dark circles are common among the women of all ages. It is being found in the teenagers and if not taken care of properly grows with the age.

There are various reasons for developing dark circles. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than most other areas of the face. It has no oil glands and has a fine texture. In fact, dark circles around the eyes can also develop due to hereditary factors, lack of sleep, illness, stress and nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it is advisable to take nutritional diet in order to remain healthy and fresh.

There are other reasons as well which causes dark blemishes around the eyes. Like allergies, asthma, medications, anemia, fatigue, liver problem and age. Rubbing or scratching the eyes or the skin around them contributes to dark circles. The skin under the eyes is very delicate, so any medication which causes blood vessels to dilate can cause the area under the eyes to appear darker. As said above, balanced or nutritional diet is very important because the lack of nutrients in body can contribute to the discoloration of the area under the eyes. Lack of mineral iron is known as anemia which also causes dark blemishes. Dark circles are likely to become more prominent and permanent with age. This is because as people gets older their skin loosens, become thinner and more translucent.

It is advisable to care extra for this delicate portion of your face. To permanently get rid of dark circles under eye, you must take proper treatment. Treatment must be accompanied with good health practices. There are various natural remedies, creams and medical procedures that can minimise or even remove their appearance. There are natural remedies which help in minimising the dark blemishes.

Cucumber juice is a common remedy. Applying it daily around eyes for 15 minutes is very effective.

For dry skin avoid cucumber and apply potato juice which helps in reducing puffiness along with dark circles.

Tomato juice is also said to lighten skin colour.

Even the cold tea bags reduce the discoloration in just about 15 minutes.

Applying rose water daily around the eyes and then keep the freezing cotton balls on eyes for 15 minutes and relax. It reduces the stress which causes dark circles.

There are several eye creams available in the market which helps in reducing the same within few days. It is difficult to find the best eye cream dark circles because every product produces itself to be the superior and most effective. Try out find anti dark circles best creams by consulting people who have already used it and reduce the dark circles around eyes. After all, it’s about your beautiful eyes.

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