Get Rich Quick Schemes: What If It Sounds Too Good to Be True?


Even if you are new to the Internet Marketing scene, you've probably already seen ads, sales pages and emails promoting ways to become filthy rich in no time, with no work and no brains. If that were true, nobody would be working anymore. We'd all be spending money online, buying from each other. For some of us, the spending part is too true! The problem is that these same folks aren't making any money at all.

Aside from the various money scams, "phishing" tricks to steal your identity and "spoof" emails from payment processors, there's a group of opportunists that want your money for nothing - nothing actionable, that is. They're the ones that tell you what you want to hear, and may even tell you what to do to make big bucks fast and easy. The problem is, they don't tell you HOW to do this. The system, method, technique or software that you're encouraged to buy is missing a key element - implementation, or how to make it work.

In some cases, the idea actually worked well, for a while. Now that it's outdated, diluted or even illegal, these sharks sell it to the unsuspecting "new kid on the block". By the time the poor kid figures out that this bright, shiny thing is useless, the desire to get a refund has withered away. That's what these predators count on - lack of follow through on the part of the buyer.

Since most people are not cut out to be self-employed go-getters, a promise of easy riches with no effort or sacrifice gets these "underachievers" to pay for products and services that won't work. The risk is minimal. A simple disclaimer about income promises, work involved and ability are glossed over by the greedy and protect the scammer from being shut down for over promising.

The problem for the sincere, hardworking types who are looking for (and offering) genuine help and useful products and services is that many of the good ones can appear to be the same as the bad ones. In fact, most, if not all, of the tactics and strategies used by the crooks are used by the good guys. The difference is accountability. Practically every good idea, product and service is backed up by customer service, "no hassle" money back guarantees and genuine positive feedback from buyers who are reachable.

"Investigate before you invest" is sound advice when you're thinking about putting your money in an investment product. It's the same when you're deciding about knowledge products, software and help building your business. The first rule of thumb for spending money on a given tool is, "When in doubt, don't!" Until you've developed your intuition and some knowledge about good business practices, ask around. Go to discussion forums, interest groups and the like and post questions about what you're investigating. Make sure you follow the rules of the group or forum. You can get booted out, razzed or worse if a simple search could have gotten your answer for you.

Research and caution are the two things you'll need to protect yourself from excess credit card debt and nothing to show for it. Also, keep in mind those clever manipulators scam even seasoned business owners. Being experienced in protecting themselves, they get their refund or "chargeback" their credit card account. Then they spread the word to their colleagues that "So and So" is a so-and-so. By keeping your own eyes open and finding the places where the serious-minded businesspeople meet and chat, you'll be able to share in the same warnings that the pros give to each other.

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