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By: Sean Glynn

From comic scenes in films where we are made to laugh from the ridiculous outcomes of 'smelly people' we daren't go near in our everyday lives. Why do we laugh? Is it the fact that we too agree with the people who suffer rather than sympathise with the people who accidentally cause the suffering.

A classic moment in the 34 minute short film based on the Blackadder TV series for the Millennium Dome (erected in the year 2000), where Blackadder and Baldrick are both stuck in a working time travelling machine where they face a tyrannosaurus rex, which fundamentally dies from Baldrick's unhygienic pants. Then comes my favourite Blackadder quote "That's another one of life's great mysteries solved: the dinosaurs were in fact wiped out... by your pants." If only Baldrick was given the chance to wash his underpants with some eco-friendly soap perhaps then the dinosaurs according to Blackadder would have had another reason for their extinction and Baldrick would have been respected some what by the other characters rather than ridiculed constantly.

This just shows that by using soap we can make a difference in our respectability towards others. In Baldrick's case perhaps he would have been Blackadder's equivalent. Though of course we would not have found the television show quite so humorous if soap had in fact been a major part to it. Another memorable moment in Blackadder is when Queeny discovers Polo Mints her reaction to Melchard's fresher breath ensures Blackadder's safety from beheading. Imagine if he had introduced a soap dispenser, easy to use with nicer fragrances. Perhaps he would have been given a title by improving the Elizabethan's state of hygiene.

Even with people nowadays, hygiene is so important to us and always has been. No one wants to be known as the smelly guy. Perhaps that is why the market throw so many different soap dispensing products our way. Imagine if Eddie Murphy in 'Trading Places' had not been a homeless person all down to his constant use of soap. Like that of snobby Dan Aykroyd's character. Would we all be Winthorpe III's if we too had his high pricey soap? Probably not but we would still gain similar respect by ensuring our hygiene like Eddie Murphy's character gains when the Duke brothers switch their lives round. Is respect all down to soap? In these cases demonstrated through the popular art of film the cleaner the person the better their lifestyle seems to be. A change in life is a change in soap. Choose the best soap dispenser like the eco-friendly range by illi which may have the right change to your head as you smell better and feel better knowing you are helping the environment because of your soap dispenser.

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By Sean Glynn (soap | soaps) Self appointed expert on soap.

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