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Mayonnaise, being one of the basic foundations and bases for different dishes, is a main catering ingredient that is known for offering a great deal of versatility. The catering ingredient is used for various purposes like using in salad dressings, to bind ingredients in new recipes, serve on the side with other foods or use in different dishes to add more spice and taste in them. Put simply, mayonnaise is the best base of making fried fish dishes, chickens, potato salads, and different other dishes more delicious and tasty. Needless to say, the very much popular catering ingredient plays a pivotal role in make foods more delicious. Commonly known as Mayo, mayonnaise is creamy sauce used as condiment. It is prepared by herbs, spices, vegetables, egg yolks, oils, lemon juice and different other natural and hygiene ingredient.

White, cream and pale yellow are the most common colours of mayonnaise. The stable emulsion of oil, egg yolk emulsifier, mayonnaise can also range in texture. Mayonnaise is prepared in different flavours and by using different natural ingredients in all parts of the world. However, preparation methods and ingredient are different. According to French culture, Mustard is a common ingredient used in the preparation of Mayo; while in Spain and Italy, olive oil is the common oil and mustard is never used. Mayonnaise is prepared very carefully and keeping different points in mind. Mayonnaise is used worldwide in different ways. In European countries, for instance, it is server with salads dressings, French Fries, chips, sandwiches, and sometimes server with cold chicken and hard-boiled eggs.

It also works as a base for sauces and different dishes. Fry sauce, for example, is the mixture of mayonnaise, red sauces and ketchups that is used with French Fries and sandwiches. Marie rose sauce is also combined with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and ketchups. Needless to say, it is the best ingredient to create base/foundation for different dishes.

Now, mayonnaise is prepared in bulk for food service operations like restaurants, bars, pubs and catering suppliers. It is prepared and packed in containers and tubs with dietary information and packing date on them. Reputed and award-wining catering supplies companies manufacture sauces, mayonnaise, flavour Mayo, Bouillons, powders, salad dressing and cooking stocks for restaurants, pubs and other food service operations. Choice is yours; you can purchase the right flavour according to your restaurant menu and requirements from a selected manufacturer at very affordable prices with some added services.

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