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By: Mr Ishmail Downes

Joining a horse laying service for their lay tips, at first sight, looks like a no-brainer, right? If life was that simple! In case you didn't already know, the net is an 'electronic' jungle, which unfortunately is a dog-eat-dog hunting ground, almost EVERYONE is looking for their next feed! So, when parting with your cash, especially to make more money, you've got to make sure you're wearing your protective armour.

But how does this relate to horse laying services and their lay tips?...

Well, a horse laying tipster sells lay tips, this is, simply put, information. Here is the thing, have you tried backing horses? I bet you have. I also bet you've lost more times than you won, correct? This, in itself, proves just how easy it is for anyone to sell information, or in other words, lay tips.

It doesn't take long for people, I mean 'hunters', to cop on to the opportunity to make, what they would call, easy profits. And there in lies whole problem. These horse laying 'tipsters' see selling lay tips only as a means of fattening their bank accounts with NO real thought for the punter and their needs...

This just makes the task of selecting a good, ethical, profitable lay tips advisory service all the more difficult for the punter. If eventually you do find one, you will still have your guard up and likely even tie them under the same brush as the 'hunter' horse laying tipsters. Because of this, nobody really wins. For example, the punter doesn't because they've probably had to lose a lot of money before they recognised that the tips they were following was rubbish. The legitimate lay tipsters suffer because the punter is overly doubtful about their claims, even though they are true. The rogue trader usually isn't around for very long, even though they made some money out of selling their service. NOBODY really prospers!

Anyway, unfortunately that IS the reality of the lay tips industry. So how can you avoid those rogue services?... Well a good rule of thumb is to expect a horse laying service to offer some sort of trial for their tips. Don't forget, generally in life, certainly in business, you HAVE to give to receive. So what does the advisory service GIVE? Do they even give anything?

Really, their complete service should be designed around you, the person who is seeking the lay tips! For example, do they limit the amount of subscribers they will allow to join their horse laying service?

Another thing to look out for is, are horse laying service actually punters themselves? If they ARE, great! That is the only real way you can know with a reasonable amount of certainty that they ACTUALLY know what you want. The last thing you want is to subscribe to a lay tips where the system that is used for the lay tips was rapidly thrown together purely so the author can make money from selling it or the tips it produces. I'm sure you'd feel much more confident to know that the horse laying tipster actually uses, or has used, the horse laying system they use to find their lay tips?...

Of course it would!

In concluding, when searching for a lay tips service, consider this... "Which horse laying tipster seems to REALLY have your interests at heart?"... When you find such a service, make sure you keep them close to you and be sincere to them in return - ALWAYS! That's the perfect match, or perhaps I should say, "PROFITABLE match!" ;-)

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