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It can often be difficult to choose which Atex PC is best for your individual requirements and you may want to consult with a specialist to get the right computer for your lifestyle and needs.

There are many different Atex compatible digital workstations and PCs available to purchase online and they each have their own individual specifications. The Atex zone 2 pc with the ISIS range of tablets can provide you with a range of features. Zone 2 computers can give you a 15 inch or 19 inch touchscreen monitor, which can be viewed even in sunlight.

The Atex range enhances Ethernet, fibre optic and Wi-Fi capabilities and can withstand significant temperatures. Many of the PCs by Atex are lightweight and are designed predominantly for field maintainability. These top of the range softwares are compatible with ECEx, AEx and CSA to Zone 2, Class 1 and the Division 2. The innovative range of touchscreen technology provides cutting edge usage and portability for customers to take round with them whilst travelling or when out and about.

It enhances the inter core processor and enables a faster speed of computer software to keep people connected for longer. The atex keyboard is designed for hazardous areas and can be used with gloves for the sensitive touchscreen. The industrial keyboard is for professional use only and should not be handled by people who do not know how to use it safely and efficiently. These types of computer software are best used on industrial sites and can be mounted or secured on a hinged high platform. Atex keyboards can also be used on a separate desk and are considered to be intrinsically safe.

There are many people in their line of work who utilise such keyboards and PCs for their everyday use and this is mainly done on industrial sites requiring monitoring of the work around them or in architecture when people are looking to build a large scale project. The keyboards and other compatible Atex software can be purchased online through a variety of specialist retailers. Many of the specialist companies selling Atex approved equipment have specialist associates that you can call for further advice on which product would be suitable for your individual requirements.

The type of software available varies accordingly and is dependent on the company involved. The price of a keyboard and monitor varies considerably but businesses may find it more cost effective to purchase Atex compatible software and hardware online rather than at specialist retailers. The retail price can be considerably expensive which is why it would be best to look at the variety of available options on the internet. The internet may provide retailers from around the world who specialise in Atex compatible software for your individual requirements. There are many different monitors and keyboards across the various benchmarked zones 1 and zone 2 pc to choose from according to your own individual needs.

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Isis-Ex offers zone 2 PCs which are available with a choice of processor types, mounting options etc. They also provide atex certified keyboards, monitors etc. For more information visit: or Call them on +44 (0) 1653 699 908 for details.

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