Get Fit by Changing Your Shoes

By: Sarah Carlye

Changing your shoes will not immediately make a drastic change in fitness or suddenly create firm muscles, but walking in different shoes, can increase tone and fitness over time. Many walkers are changing from traditional walking shoes to fitness walking shoes. Shoes that are specifically designed to help with fitness and toning, like the Stepgym shoe, are becoming increasingly popular. There is also the option of changing to weighted shoes to increase fitness and toning when walking or running.

So how does changing shoes increase fitness?

• Stimulates muscles-when you change shoes from flip-flops to gym shoes to high heels you will notice different muscles being used. The scientific design of fitness shoes like Stepgym and Sketchers encourages different muscles to be used. The muscles also must work harder for each step. The legs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles become firmer faster. The lower back muscle is strengthened.

• Increases resistance-weighted shoes increase the work the body needs to do to walk and it will make the muscles work harder. The same step will do more when a weighted shoe is worn. Resistance is increased so the muscles in the legs, buttocks, lower back, and abdominal muscles will work harder.

• Burns calories-when wearing an uncomfortable walking shoe, walks are often cut short and may even be avoided. Walking increases when the uncomfortable shoe is changed to a comfortable shoe so there is consistency in a fitness program and more calories are burned.

• Consistency in fitness program-injury risks are reduced when changing from shoes that are not meant for walking to shoes that are designed for walking, there is more support and cushion so that the risk of injury is reduced. Shoes that are old and worn also will increase the risk of injury. Injuries can cause interruptions in fitness programs.

When changing shoes, consider buying the Stepgym fitness shoe for toning the legs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles. Find out more at

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