Get A Good Education With Distance Learning

By: Charlie Reese

The financial pressures placed on people today are far greater than any previous generation. With gas prices soaring to levels previously unheard of and the economy crashing to the ground under the pressure of bloated credit accounts and bad mortgages it makes sense that any person in the workplace today wants to always find that edge that keeps them ahead of everyone else. But with many people struggling to find time for their lives outside of the regular demands of their day jobs it is almost impossible to continue to upgrade a person's education the standard way. No one has time to go to class anymore. That is where distance learning comes in. The term distance learning has replaced the term correspondence course as the new way people learn and get a higher education on their own schedule. However with the advancement of computers and the Internet it can be said that distance learning is not like a correspondence course at all. Because of the power of the Internet distance learning is not unlike getting a proper classroom education and a distance learning degree is much more respected now than a correspondence course degree ever was previously.

Many times people take for granted exactly how much the Internet really does impact our daily lives and to really see that in action all you need to do is take a look at the proliferation of distance learning websites today. It used to be that the traditional institutions of higher learning shunned correspondence courses, making them less valuable in the workplace. But distance learning has brought remote classroom learning to a new level and some of the players getting involved in offering distance learning degrees reads like a who's who of higher education.

So Much More To Offer Than Ever Before

The traditional correspondence course offerings did not translate very well into the Internet age. I am sure we all remember the Sally Struthers commercials that asked if we all wanted to make more money and then told us how to get our degree through a correspondence course. Unfortunately television commercials with celebrities do not bring respect to an institution of higher learning and many of the correspondence schools did not make the cut when the Internet really kicked in.

Today there is a strong need for a distance learning school to be accredited and while that accreditation process is still under some evolution it is very necessary for a distance learning school to offer more than was offered before in the field of home classroom learning.

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Charlie Reese is a part time career teacher and advisor. Charlie as well likes to get astrology and free psychic advice.

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