Get A Bathroom Upgrade With Marble Components

By: Noe Deleon

Marble for countertops and floors is not usually recommended because of the stoneís natural porosity and fragility. However, advances in the way itís treated and finished have made it possible to do just that.

Today, marble can grace countertops in kitchens and bathrooms Ė two humid rooms once considered the stoneís enemies Ė to give consumers a chance to have their homes sporting an upscale look. Of course, maintenance is far from zero (as is the case with expensive materials) but even so, being able to use marble, even as a small accent, is sometimes enough to lend just the right bit of elegance.

Since the stone is immediately recognizable thereís no need to go all out and adorn a bathroom with a full set of marble products. A better way to achieve elegance and save money is to follow the ideas below. Remember to periodically seal the stone to reduce porosity and ensure more durability.

ē Marble floors: Lay marble tiles on the floor and complement it with ceramic sinks and backsplashes, glass doors and frameless cabinets. For a more dramatic look, choose dark marble tiles with contrasting white or grey veins. Add more white or grey in other parts of the room to balance the colour scheme and prevent the space from looking too drab.

ē Marble countertops: For an affordable and subtle marble touch install it as a countertop. It looks amazing and you donít have to break the bank. Since itíll cover only a small surface area, you can afford to go all out in terms of design. If you like, have the countertop act as a focal point where it stands out from the rest of the roomís components through colour and pattern.

ē Marble tub: Is there anything that shouts luxury more than a marble tub? Itís a little expensive but if you donít like the idea of marble floors which stand out or if a countertop is too subtle, a tub is perfect. To achieve the right balance of design and functionality, customize the tub to match size requirements, add vintage or upscale fittings and decorate the bathroom around the tubís style. If you donít want a full marble tub, have the surrounds done in the stone as accents.

ē Marble shower: A marble shower is another way to decorate your bathroom with this exquisite rock. White marble looks classy and is classy, judging by the number of wealthy homes that have it. Complement the subtle veining and light color by installing a white vanity, white walls, soft yellow light and metal accents in the form of drawer pulls and door knobs.

Like all natural stones, marble is susceptible to some damage owing to several factors. Acids and strong chemicals used in hair dyes, for example, can stain it while too much exposure to water can affect its durability. When cleaning, only mild detergent can be used because others contain abrasive chemicals.

Despite its considerably higher maintenance, marble is nonetheless one of the most beautiful natural building materials youíll find. Few other stones come close to matching it in elegance and opulence. If you mean to increase the worth of your house, this is the component thatíll do it.

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