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Menís sexual problems may have cheaper solution in the form of Kamagra came up with a cheaper version of Viagra called Generic Kamagra. Itís the same compound as Sildenafil Citrate, used for the global brand. They are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. The medicine apart from being used to treat sexual functional problems is also a sexual stimulator since it helps in the blood flow into the penis and thereby helping in maintaining an erection.The medicine is meant for men only. Physicians usually recommend taking this medicine orally between four hours and one-half hour before the sexual act. It is also not recommended that you take this medicine more than once in a day. Taking a high fat meal along with this medicine may actually delay the onset of this particular medicine. One also has to avoid certain things like grapefruit while being treated with this particular medicine until and unless your doctor advises you to do so.The dosage is usually dependent on individual medical conditions and an individualís response to a particular therapy.It is also advised that one should be taking this medicine if one is already taking nitroglycerin or any other nitrate. If at all your are not sure about any medicine that you are using is having nitrate or not, you should immediately contact your physician and find out before taking Kamagra. Kamagra is intended to be used only after getting proper approval from a doctor or a pharmacist. One also has to inform their doctors in case of any adverse reactions including penis conditions, a history of blood system cancers, eye problems, heart problems,heart problems or stomach ulcers and allergies among others. Generic Kamagra 100mg,an equivalent of Viagra, gets absorbed quickly in the bloodstream.Generic Kamagra 100mg is a medicine that is meant to solve menís erectile problems by helping men get solid and sustainable erections when sexually aroused. Kamagra are blue, film coated tablets, for oral use, available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg strengths. It contains the same key ingredient Sildenafil citrate. This medicine has solved the sexual health problems in men to a major extent. Generic Kamagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis.This results in the blood flow inwards the erectile vessel. As a result of which Penis gets erected.Any flaw in this mechanism results in improper functioning of the male erectile system. Men can achieve ercetions to fairly long duration using Kamagra only if their sexual organ is stimulated to some extent. One thing needs to be kept in mind that Kamagra provides erections only and only if the sexual muscle is pre-aroused to some extent. Kamagra is a medicine not for all. According to the FDA, women and children should not take Kamagra, along with men who are already using prescribed medications that contain nitrates. Kamagra may react with these salts resulting in severe problem. Taking Kamagra with certain medications such as erythromycin, ketoconazole, itraconazole and saquinavir can raise the blood levels of Kamagra. Remember one thing, Kamagra is beneficial medicine and improves sexual life but never go for it blindly.Just consult your doctor at least once before taking Kamagra. At we aim to make it easy for you to obtain a range of commonly prescribed medications in a very low cost. do the best to assist our customers in every way it can.

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