Generic Roles of a Marketing Agency

By: Owen Barron

Marketing is a big part of business. It is one of the biggest components of any successful business. Any company or organization needs marketing at one point or another. It is through marketing that a business is able to present its products and services to its target audience. Marketing is about getting a brand the exposure it needs in its market. The need for marketing has led to the establishment of marketing agencies. These are companies that are specifically meant to provide marketing needs for other businesses.

Marketing agencies may differ depending on the services they provide. There are some roles however that are general and apply to all marketing agencies. They are basically what the agencies use as base lines when providing marketing services.

Research and Analysis

This is a very important part of marketing. Before taking any product out into the market, you must know who you are targeting. Products are made for specific markets. They are meant to appeal to specific people. A business must know who those people are. That is why market studies are done. It is important to know what the people are expecting.

Doing research and analyzing the market is something that must be done before launching any sort of marketing campaigns. The marketing agency should also take a look at the competition. This would help tell what to do and what to avoid. This role also includes analyzing the product. Proper marketing can not be done if the person doing it does not know what the product is all about.

Marketing Campaigns

After the research and the analyses are done, the agency is supposed to come up with a campaign. The marketing agency is supposed to develop a campaign that is relevant. The research is what lays base for the campaign. This particular role requires a lot of creativity. Marketing campaigns should be unique and attractive. They should be designed in ways that will bring the expected results. Different marketing campaigns are developed depending on the product and the market.

Execution of Marketing Strategies

When the marketing campaign has been developed, it should be implemented. There are several ways to do that. The implementation mode of the campaign depends on a lot factors. The execution of a marketing strategy determines how well the marketing goes. There are some marketing strategies that get very poor implementation and that just leads to failure of the whole thing. A marketing agency must know about the different and most appropriate ways of executing marketing strategies.


A marketing agency is also responsible for the monitoring of results. When a strategy has been designed and implemented, it is important to know how it goes. The agency is supposed to provide monitoring services. If the marketing campaign succeeds, then the agency can look at ways to make it even better. If there are mistakes that were made, the marketing agency would recognize that.

Monitoring the whole marketing process benefits a business greatly. It gives an idea of what to do and what corrections to make. The right marketing for a business or organization means finding the right marketing agency that is able to fulfill all its roles.

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