Generate Your Own Leads For Your Home Business

By: BrianKrysti Horwitz

Lead generation is the fundamental key for any home business entrepreneur or network marketer. Unfortunately, people are always looking for the easy way out, but if people would take a step back and ask how they can start to generate a flow of free leads themselves, more people would realize just how easy it really can be.

Depending how long you've been in the game, you may have experinced a time when purchasing leads and lists was considered a "legitimate" strategy to find quality leads for your business. Well, times have changed.

Take a moment to realize why paid leads are seriously the wrong way to go about lead generation. First, it's going to cost you, and when I say cost you amount you can expect to pay for a lead can be between $5-$20 per lead. Handing over this much money for leads is crazy. Especially if you consider that most people starting out have a limited budget. This is the last place you want to take your money. You would have better luck taking that money Vegas and betting black.

Next, paid leads just won't work. Ask around and you'll hear horror stories of people spent lots of money on paid leads that lead nowhere quickly. A likely response from those so call hot leads often include: "I never asked for information about any home based business!" or "I was just looking for a job, sorry." Also, if the people trying to sell you leads claim they're selling "exclusive, high-quality, double opt-in home based business opportunity seeking leads," doesn't it make you think about how many other times they have sold those same leads before? And while we're at it, do you think those leads even remotely related to your type of business?

Take the middle man out of the equation and start generating your own leads that will actually convert. Your free leads are within easy reach. Just take advantage of any Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs or YouTube and get yourself out there. Join "the conversation" but be sure you're not pitching anything at this point. You will do that later on when you've caught their attention and can lead them to your own website. That's the most important step that gets forgotten about. Do not try to sell anything except yourself on any social media website! At this point in the game your goal is to generate free leads and nothing else.

By sharing your interests and being part of a community of likeminded individuals, you're putting yourself right in the middle of the action where people will naturally gravitate towards your areas of expertise and experience. Those people will come to know and trust you and that makes them the very best kind of lead - the kind that are receptive to your marketing message. If that isn't a great way to collect targeted, real time, free leads, then I don't know what is.

The fun doesn't stop with social media. The internet offers us marketers countless advertising opportunities using techniqies like banner ads, press releases, articles, Pay-Per-Click search marketing and so much more. We have just covered the tip of the iceberg. When you think about the number of people online everyday (1.6 Billion) with all of the marketing strategies...the possibilities become endless.

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