General Arts and Science Program - A New Direction for High School Grads

By: Marcus

Choosing one from among several arts and science courses can be intimidating, especially when you are not clear about your own interests and likes. A random selection, without analyzing the pros and cons and knowing your interests can lead you to an unproductive career and ultimately a disappointing life.

There is an organic connection between educational choices, academic success and career accomplishment. The education and professional success cannot be directly equated to each other but your selection of the college program can have a huge influence on your career.

If you are aware of various academic options and associated career paths that arts and science offer, you'll be in a better position to understand what puts you on the right track. This is exactly how Centennial College's general arts and science program helps you. You get to uncover available educational and career options in the fields of arts, humanities, social science and communications.

Pursuing Your Interests = A Flourishing Career and A Fulfilling Life

Completing college or university education is essential for your entry to the world of work. Acquiring grades, requisite knowledge, abilities and skills are also important for a successful career. However, pursuing your interests and building a thriving career while doing what you love helps you live a fulfilling life.

And to make this possible, you have to make the right choices. Don't be afraid to take the steps that drive you closer to your ultimate life goal. If you think you want some more time to strengthening your concepts and choosing the most suitable academic pathway, go ahead with it. Strong fundamentals, skills, conviction, and ability to go against the tide are what will help you in building a successful and satisfying career.

Centennial College's focus is on your academic as well as personal development. The general arts program, along with strengthening your fundamentals, broadens your horizons. It exposes you to a new direction that you were completely unaware of. The program faculty help you identify your interests that you yourself didn't know. With this you also need to obtain the academic admission credential for applying to a college arts or science program.

Centennial understands all your specific needs. This is why it sets a broad context of interdisciplinary knowledge, with a unique approach to personal and professional development, through this program. The collaboration across arts and science disciplines encourages a deep understanding of fundamentals. On the top of it, the college makes available various resources, helping you expand the scope of study.

You are prepared for college programs in tourism and hospitality administration, child studies, communication arts or community services as well as a smooth transition into college life. And you get all these opportunities from your decision to spend a year on strengthening your fundamentals and exploring your interests. Choosing this program can really influence your career decision and expand the scope of your studies. You will get into a program that actually suits your needs and leads you on a path that will give you a good job, successful career, and a happy and fulfilling life.

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Author offers advice for high school graduates, with a focus on offerings and benefits of a post-secondary program in general arts and science. Areas of focus include the programís role in bridging the knowledge gap, obtaining the eligibility criteria for various college courses and exploring diverse career options.

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