Gemoro Goldsmith Movado Reviews

By: Mel Joelle

Gemora Goldsmith offers a selection of Movado watches that customers may select from. Customers will immediately notice the signature design that has made Movado so popular. For over 125 years, customers have marveled at the unique design featuring the iconic silver or black mirror dot on the dial. Movado is truly a display of exquisite design. GemOro Goldsmith is pleased to be involved in the process of displaying these remarkable timepieces for the public.

Many Movado watches are made of high quality stainless steel and have a PVD finish. The surfaces are often perfectly smooth, and the exterior is seamless. Painstaking effort is put into making the Movado watch into an elegant timepiece that transcends time. In 1947, Nathan George Horwitt explored the idea of creating a timepiece that exhibited elements of design. Even in 2011, this design is still relevant, bold and coveted by watch connoisseurs.

Though the signature collection receives most of the attention from the visitors at GemOro Goldsmith, this jeweller has access to other Movado designs that do not display the signature mirror dot. The experienced sale people at GemOro Goldsmith can show you the entire collection within the store and also other unique designs available through Movado. GemOro will make every effort to serve your needs to the best of our ability.

Watch selection is not just about keeping the time, it is also about style and personality. The watch should complement your attire and represent your personality. A Movado watch makes a statement about who you are, your discriminating tastes and your attention to detail. Keep this in mind for the person you select for this remarkable time piece.

The designs are both futuristic and sophisticated as are many of our customers. While no one particular group or class will enjoy a Movado watch, most people that choose Movado appreciate modern design and will select Movado for years to come. Movado watches not only keep time but represent artistry and allegory at its highest form. The signature dot on the display signifies the sun at high noon.

In the vast selection of Movado watches, you may find timepieces from the classic Museum collection, Concerto collection, Sapphire collection or the casual Serio collection. GemOro Goldsmith will match clients with a remarkable timepiece. Given that many people keep Movado in their collection for many years, the selection will become an investment.

GemOro Goldsmith will compare your selection with other Movado watches, as well as, other manufacturer’s watches. For its class, the quality of Movado is highly coveted. The watch may be worn both with casual and more formal attire. The luxury and timelessness of Movado is worth the investment.

You will not be disappointed in the selection or in the quality of service that you receive at GemOro Goldsmith. When you select Movado, choose GemOro Goldsmith as your jeweller to serve your needs.

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